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10 Myths From Romantic Movies That Can Ruin Your Relationship With a Guy


Most often than not, one feels like watching a romantic movie. As the movie comes to an end, you need to know that it was just meant to entertain you but not apply it in real life. Some romantic movies can be deceiving especially relative to today’s love life. In this article, I will explain some myths from several famous movies that might make you forget the reality of love life. Let’s dig in!

Stupid love released back in 2011: genuine love can do wonders

true love works wonders

In this film, it is depicted that one can go an extra mile to change a man to suit the values she desires.in this movie, it looks cute and affectionate. When it comes to the realities of life, changing a person for yourself is such a big lie. If someone decides to change, that’s okay but you can never change a person! This notion is naïve and silly to even think that this is going to last. In today’s love life, such a mindset is foolish, people never change to suit your taste. It is not a permanent change not unless this comes from his heart.

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Attraction by the opposite released in 2019

Opposites Attract

This notion in real life might be true, but there are challenges associated with it. In a situation whereby people from different worlds come together and feel they match each other, there is always a compromise by either one or both parties to fit into each other’s way of life. In the real world, change is relative. Even later in the movie, the directors tried to play Hardin and Tessa and still, things between the two didn’t flow smoothly. If this was the case, picture this in real life!

Best of me released back in 2014: first love happens once

first love

Things don’t flow smoothly always. To meet the love of your life the first time you try happens in one of a million. In this movie, this assumption holds, the lovers of this movie had separated for a long time and later in life met again and became compatible again. When you fall in love, it doesn’t mean that things will remain the same till the end. In most cases, you realize that over time, your partner shows his “true colors” which might not positively influence the survival of your relationship.

The pride & prejudice released in 2005:in cases where you say no and the latter say yes, the man will be very delighted.

The pride & prejudice

In this movie, a no is perceived as a yes. A guy struggling to get the girl’s attention, a no doesn’t sound final. In today’s love life, such a scheme rarely works. A NO might mean a No forever. Trying to convince a girl to like you, might end up frustrating your efforts and making you feel humiliated. This romantic movie should not mislead you to believe what happened in the movie might as well happen in real life.

Friendship released in 2011: a loving partnership without obligations can develop into something else


Many directors use this strategy in many romantic movies. In this movie, couples who are in a relationship whose obligations have not been well spelled out, may have fun and eventually realize how they had not realized how they were so incompatible. Many trials make them assume they have found the “one”. Which might not be the case in reality. Everyone expects a relationship to grow to a stage where you are now romantic and intimate. In reality, you might think that a relationship will go as you expect but you find that the other person holds a different opinion.

The Lala land released in 2016: you need to choose career or love

The Lala land
Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND.

This romantic movie depicts that you have to either choose love or a career. For example, in the Lala land movie, Mia was feeling very unhappy because her partner had success in his music career which is why he didn’t thrive in their romantic relationship since she was not getting enough attention. In reality, this is not true because it doesn’t mean that when your career thrives, your romantic relationship will be compromised. You can always try to strike a balance as long as you are truly in love.

Lobster released in 2015: you can never be happy without a love partner

the lobster

In the lobster movie, it was depicted that everyone should have a soulmate for happiness to be part of him. In reality, this is not true. Having a partner doesn’t mean that you are happy and vice versa. If you don’t get a person that makes you happy, don’t stress to look around because you think you cannot find happiness by yourself. After all, not everyone is meant to marry or get married. Live your life the way you deem in bring peace and joy to your life.
Love Rosie was released in 2014: there is someone somewhere that is 200% perfect for you.

Love Rosie

This movie depicts that there is someone somewhere that will fit perfectly for you just like a puzzle. In reality, this is not true. It is very hard to get a partner that fits all the qualities you look for. You find yourself having to work on the relationship to fit each other. Relationships require working hard for both of you to find a compromise. If you apply the Love ‘Rosie’ movie style, you might end up getting frustrated in your love life.

Westside story released in 2021: the existence of love at first sight

Westside story

Filmmakers find it convenient to bring love at first sight to save screen time. What one sees, at first sight, is just the beauty that can be associated with body lust. Real love requires the discovery of the inner world of a person. You cannot know the inner world of a person by the 5 seconds you set your eye on him or her.

The diary of memory was released back in 2004: to find true love, the loud quarrels, and broken dishes must be there.

The diary of memory

In this movie, the story of Noah and Ellie shows that the quarrels they had built their relationship. The loud disagreements were meant to create drama in the movie. Breaking things and a lot of yelling can be avoided in any relationship. If this is happening to you, then it means there are high anger levels in your relationship that needs to be managed. Love can exist and work without quarrels and drama. Both of you can handle conflicts more maturely.

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Movies are made by people and are designed such that they entertain the crowd. Everything that happens is staged and done intentionally to take the attention of the audience. Never base your life on a movie you saw somewhere and allow it to direct the way you live your life. Borrow the positive lessons from the movie and don’t make it lure you to doing things that you will regret. All the same, watch movies for entertainment purposes and quench the thirst for your hobby!