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12 Questions That Are Indecent To Ask A Guy On A First Date


The first date can be full of confusion or mixed feeling because you don’t know what to expect. You want to look your best at the same time remain as natural as possible. You imagine you are already on the first date but you are stuck on what to ask the guy to ensure you don’t make the situation uncomfortable. Here, I present to you questions that are indecent to ask a guy on a first date. Let’s dive in!

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What is your salary?

Talking about the financial situation of a guy is a bad idea. This kind of question gives an impression that you are on the date with him to see whether he can be able to secure the bag. Getting to know more about his earnings should be avoided as much as possible. It is okay to ask what his profession is but don’t go beyond this.

Where were you really born?

Never ask a guy such a question! This gives an impression that you are most interested in knowing his race. This might scare him away because where or how he found himself in that specific clan or tribe should not be a big concern on a first date. Basing your talk on origin may ruin the date.

What phone are you using? Do you own a car?

This kind of question portrays how wealth-minded you are. Don’t allow your curiosity to ruin the beautiful date you have been yeaning for. If he has all these things and wishes to show them off, you will definitely notice it even without having to ask this annoying question.

How many ladies have you dated?

This can be a very awkward question to ask on a first date. Knowing how many girls the guys have slept with might be a deal-breaker and ruin the rest of the date. He may have had a bad experience in the past and might not be willing to remember any of his exes. if he tells you he has had dozens of girls before will make you feel like he will just sleep with you and dump you. If he tells you he had one girlfriend for all those years, you might start to doubt whether he is over her. To be on the safe side, allow this to slide until you two are comfortable sharing such deep conversations and you get open to each other in the future.

Are you looking for a serious relationship?

Don’t be too excited about the guy on the first date to ask him such a question. This will make you sound desperate. Instead, if he is interested in a serious relationship, time will definitely tell. Focus on getting to know each other every passing day, if you feel it’s worth it, give this friendship time to reveal its direction.

When did you attend a date last?

This question is annoying especially now that he has come to spend some quality time with you. He is there because he wanted to be there. Don’t make him feel like he should feel how it is such a big deal to have you around. Make him as comfortable as possible because if he were to open his heart on the first day, maybe the answer to this question will just spoil the good time you two are sharing.

Do I look attractive?

This is not a good question on a first date! This simply shows you are not confident with yourself and you want others to affirm to you that you are indeed beautiful. As much as you think he admires you, don’t step too low to seek his opinion as this will show that you have low self-esteem. Let it come from him if he so wishes to compliment you.

Tell me about yourself

This question is too broad and may make the guy a bit uncomfortable because he doesn’t know the kind of answers you are looking for. To avoid this, ask specific questions that need specific answers eg: do you like dancing, or do you like sports? Etc.. let him give you answers you know will not result in a bad end.

What are your weaknesses?

No one wants to start a journey with a negative thought. Your first meeting is about the good inspiration for each other and not negative vibes. Without asking this question, you can still get to know his shortcoming in the first meeting. eg say how he relates with the waiters, how he carries himself around you. Is he an arrogant person? etc..pay attention to his hobbies, what he likes doing during his free time, etc…

What is your take on cheating?

Asking this question on the first date makes the guy think you are beginning to doubt him. He will think you’ve had a traumatic experience in the past and will definitely make him feel you have spoilt the whole mood of the date. You don’t need to know his take the first day you meet. This should be talked about when you become more open with each other, or when you feel comfortable discussing this.

What would you say turn you on?

Sexual fantasies should never be discussed on the first date. You definitely don’t want your relationship to have a bad foundation. What he likes in the bedroom is personal and maybe highly be misunderstood on the first date. You will sound loose and sex-minded and this is not the best first impression. Talk about things that help you get to him as a person and not intimate things. Let him long for that time you will feel free to talk about such matter. No girl wants to feel cheap! Avoid such questions.

What is your religion?

Asking this question will make one feel like their position of faith might be misinterpreted. This question might bring in arguments and turn one-off in a snap of a figure. Respect what he believes or does not believe by avoiding this question. No one wants to feel his personal boundaries have been violated.

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Final thought

Questions to ask on a first date can be a turn-on or a turn-off. It might spoil or build your date. Be cautious how you answer questions, don’t make him have an impression of any kind of desperation or self-pity. Use the above tips on questions that are indecent to ask a guy on a first date to ensure you get the most out of the planned date. All the best!