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13 Tips To Improve A Relationship Without Sex & Intimacy


you will certainly find out:

  • The # 1 point you ought to understand on your own when you remain in a sexless partnership – and also intend to enhance it.
  • Which folk wisdom is accountable for much of the separations.
  • The schedule you burnt out sex life increases.
  • What guys do not tell you regarding what they want such as in bed: what it is, and also just how to give it to him.

Boost a partnership without sex

I want you the most effective connection you have actually ever before had. With a guy that goes with you 100%. However it comes to be extremely tough when you are refraining anything in the bed room any longer.

Since whatever is stated in publications, by your good friends or on the net … What you perform in the bed room is never worthless to the success of your partnership.

In a marital relationship without affection: say goodbye to affection in a connection?
If you remain in such a scenario, it is extremely negative for you. It is challenging to receive a marital relationship without affection.

Based upon 13 suggestions to make certain that the scenario boosts.

They come:

Idea 1: Identify the folk wisdom


What do males think of throughout sexLook:

There is a misconception And also this misconception is so developed that it is thought to be real.

As well as this misconception is so main to our society that we rarely discuss it.

Due to the fact that it do without claiming that every person counts on it.

Do you understand what this misconception is?

Misconception:” Sex is not that essential “

As well as this is miraculous rubbish there is.

Allow’s have a look with each other at the debates why sex should not be necessary

  • It is more vital to like a person than to make love keeping that individual.
  • If whatever else is OKAY in your connection, it does not matter if you do not make love.
  • You can be satisfied with no activity in the room.
  • There is even more to life, as well as it is not one of the most crucial points in the connection.

Suggestion 2: Sex is necessary.

sex is important

Suggestion if other half buddy just thinks of sex Well, I do not believe it’s a great strategy to take on” what’s crucial in a partnership.”

Yet mean I tackled that difficulty, opportunities are that sex would certainly obtain a platform location.

Why do I clarify to you like that?

Yet initially:

just how come such a misconception can develop?

” We do not honestly speak about what we perform in the bed room “
The majority of people locate it extremely unpleasant to discuss this part of themselves as well as their partnership. Other than with me after that.

Since I am a dating instructor, I have actually had the ability to hear what individuals depend on because bed room for greater than 8 years.

Yet generally you do not have that type of discussion in any way. Unless you have a pal or colleague that want to discuss this thoroughly.

You have those individuals, however there are not that several.

See the solution by talking more

Since we do not speak about it freely, misconceptions such as” it’s not that crucial” can develop.

However when I pay attention to what issues individuals concern me with, very often the solution is to have more sex.

People will only see this when they can talk about it openly. That is why my customers often come to that conclusion themselves. They couldn’t do it before, simply because they didn’t have anyone to talk to about it

” The effects of making love are so great that it can not be missing in a healthy relationship “

You may think,” Well, we haven’t been doing it for a few years, and everything is going well.”

But that’s in your head. How does your partner feel about it? Did you ask him about it? And more importantly, did he answer you honestly?

People don’t like to talk about their desires in this area. If he told you what he wants, chances are it is a lie.

Why he lies about this

Because it’s demeaning for a guy to say he wants more than you. And if he knows your answer is” no” after all, chances are he won’t even try.

Because nobody likes to be rejected. Certainly not in this area. It is a huge blow to his head if you reject him.

And if he is sure his ego will be hurt like that, then he will let it go.

Tip 3: Love disappears when you don’t have sex

I am going to say something that is considered” controversial” within peasant wisdom, but which has been scientifically proven.

” The less sex you have in a relationship, the more loveless that relationship will eventually become “

Many women say:

  • That they are no longer in love with their partner.
  • Or that they are in a divorce, or that they want to know if they should break up.
  • And I also many women saying that their relationship is more like a sibling situation.
  • People complain that there is little passion in their relationship, but they don’t realize the influence that lack of sex has on it.
  • Sex keeps you feeling love and attraction when you have a naked pillow fight, everything happens in your body. The range of neurotransmitters and hormones produced is very wide.

I could give a simplified picture

Something like,” During the act, oxytocin is released. This makes you feel more connected to your partner, it is the so-called hugging hormone. “

And that would be true.

And if I do have to make it simpler, it is easier to indicate that your body is physiologically tuned to give and receive love when you have sex with someone.

And when that has dried up completely, you take away an important condition for falling in love and attraction.

” Sex makes your husband love you “

  • When you as a woman meet someone new, you are first curious about him. Then when you find out he’s cute, you start to feel attraction.But for men, it is exactly the other way around. First, we feel attraction. And only then do we feel an interest in who someone is.

In fact, if you let the attraction shrink in a relationship, you’re actually stopping him from getting to that part of the interest that’s so important to love.

You automatically push him into a friendship relationship. And he can really be very fond of you. But such a construction is very different from a love affair.

And such feelings a man needs to feel good about himself.

I know very nice, honest men who solve a lack of these feelings in their relationship in a very unkind way.

Tip 4: A lack of sex can be a reason to cheat

lack of sex

No sex can be a reason to cheat.

And there are plenty of them who had no problem cheating on them because their wives stopped having sex. She was completely done with it, and he was not yet. That could go just as well, but after a while, he doesn’t pull it anymore.

As a result, he cheats and can rationalize this perfectly.

Sex is so important to his ego that he literally can not sin.

And he would rather cheat on you than give up this part of himself.

So realize that you may be able to do without it, but that this doesn’t necessarily have to apply to your husband.

And realize that in the first sexless year, he can pretend that everything is okay, but then finds that he doesn’t take it anyway. After which he still cheats.

Tip 5: You are probably not asexual

A wife does not feel like having sex with partner or husband couple does not talkLook:

I know there are some women now who say,” It’s different in my case. I am asexual. “

Ok, you could. But are you sure? Because a very small percentage of the population is asexual.

If you are sure that this is really the case in your case …

  • … and it is not the result of a boring relationship …
  • … and it always has been …
  • … Then I agree with you.

In that case, it is not all that important to you, that going to bed together.

But is your boyfriend also asexual?

Because there aren’t that many asexual people.

The chance that you are with someone who also has this is very small. and in such a case you will be in tremendous trouble if he does not have an outlet for his desires.

That being said. If you are both really asexual: totally great. Then you don’t have to read this article, and there is nothing wrong.

But if it isn’t one of you, I wonder to what extent your relationship has a chance of success.

You think so differently about something very important that sooner or later it must cause problems.

Tip 6: Distance yourself from each other

Distance yourself from each other if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’ve seen everything about your husband.

You saw him pick his nose. You know the air of being, um, well, you get it.

You have seen all of his most unromantic and least sexy moments. Which of course does not benefit the desires.

If you are constantly on each other’s lips and constantly spend a lot of time together, there comes a time when you get a little tired of each other.

The positive aspects decrease, and the irritation in your relationship increases. That is an unpleasant situation.

Do you know what to do best?

” Take away “
I know, I know.

If you ask the average relationship therapist, he will say the opposite.

He probably recommends spending more time together. But believe me, this is the last thing you want to do. There are many situations where it is much better to distance yourself.

Because t and whether you are in a lat relationship or have seen each other very little lately for whatever reason …

… It would be very strange to suddenly spend more time now.

For most couples, it is rather the other way around. You know each other so well, and you do so much together that sooner or later it becomes too much. And sitting on each other’s lips doesn’t really benefit carnal desires.

That is why I recommend that you do the opposite of what relationship therapists recommend

Take some distance from each other Spend some time apart.

No, I’m not talking about a trial divorce. You do, however, focus on your own things a few days a week. Or go on holiday alone (or with friends) for a week.

In this way, you make sure that when you see each other again, the sparks go off.

And not only that.

When you are together, it is important that you really have a good time. Because it doesn’t matter that you see each other, but that what happens during that time is an addition to your life.

Tip 7: Do your best for each other.

Do your best and make an effort for each other do you know what was so beautiful at the beginning of your relationship?

Or even better: in the dating phase?

Everything was new. Everything was exciting. You were getting to know each other.

And because your new love didn’t quite know who you were, and you were still discovering …

… It was all very exciting.

You did your best to look the best you could

And even though he acted very casually, he did exactly the same.

Women act more feminine at the start of dating than they actually are.
And men behave tougher.
The interaction between the feminine and the tough is what sparks attraction. It’s the foundation of flirting.

But once people get into a relationship, this foundation is often given up.

And that makes sense.

Because things have to be organized together. You do things that friends do, too, instead of just lying in bed and going on dates.

Constantly seduce

The most important quality of all those things you did in the first phase was that you did your best. By emphasizing certain parts of yourself. And constantly seduce the other.

But over the years, that behavior can become less and less.

This is because you are constantly on each other’s lips, and also see the most normal and banal things about each other. And also because the attraction is diminishing.

When you’re attracted, it’s automatically easier to be overly feminine.

But the striking thing is, by doing your best, you will stimulate the desire. And desire, as you know, is what causes playtime in the bedroom eventually to take place.

” Do your best in the time you spend together “

In the previous tip, I said that you should spend less time together. But it is also good to take a critical look at the time you spend together.

Are you constantly arranging things? Business for the children, or for your work, or for the family? Or are you sitting on the couch with a bag of chips watching a TV series?

It makes sense that the pull is flattening out immensely.

When you spend time with your husband, you want him to feel attracted. So make sure you know what he finds attractive. And how you communicate that to him.

For example, read my article about what men find attractive.

Tip 8: Do” date nights “

You now understand that when you spend time together, I recommend that you do this in a way that you do your best for the other person.

What if you do an evening every week or every two weeks to practice this?

A so-called” date night” is a time where you go on a date again, and practice “doing your best for each other “.

Date nights

For example:

By dressing up in advance.

  • By going out to dinner and then doing something fun, such as the theater. Make it a special night where you do something that you enjoy.
  • Choose a new experience. Not something you’ve done 100 times. A new experience makes it feel like you are seeing each other for the first time.
  • Slowly build up the tension over the evening, and go to bed together at the end.
  • Wear lingerie, shave, and otherwise be well-groomed for bedroom activities.
  • In this way, you ensure that it becomes cozy between the two of you.

And you set the tone for the rest of the time.

If your” date nights” are the highlight of your relationship, it will be pulled up a bit more in terms of tension.

Tip 9: Keep trying

sexy photo suppose your partner has little interest in sex. Or is not waiting for it.

That is not bad at all. Everyone has that sometimes. How many times have you said no to a naked pillow fight?

Do not try to take such a rejection personally.

It’s not that the other has to make sense just because you want to. Don’t take it so personally, and try again later.

If you do your best to seduce your partner and become the woman he once fell in love with, sooner or later he will turn over.

Tip 10: Put sex on your agenda

This is one of the most awkward conversations you can have with your partner. But.

Putting sex on the agenda boosts your life between the sheets

Do you know what happens when you put sex on the agenda? If you say to him,” Hey. From now on, let’s turn every Wednesday into our special evening. “

Then your life between the sheets will get a huge boost.

I never expected this

But about three years ago I found out that this works very well to get relationships out of the doldrums.

If you make an appointment to do it this way, you make sure nothing can come in between. There are no more excuses and excuses.

And by making an appointment to do it, your love life can slowly build momentum again. You can not expect it to go from 0 to 100 in one go. This may take some time.

You can shorten that time by making a good agreement with each other and sticking to it.

Because when you do it this way, you make the ball start rolling. Which will make your love life a lot more exciting over time.

Tip 11: What to do with unsatisfactory sex

What to do in case of unsatisfactory sexI have good news and bad news.

The good news is that getting active in bed with your partner is not very complicated. Anyone can start again, no matter how old you are.

But what’s tricky is how to make sure that what you’re doing in the bedroom turns out satisfying.

That is a completely different story.

” Why do you think you stopped in the first place?”

The attraction to bleeding to death is of course 1 reason. It is quite normal for this to happen sooner or later in a relationship.

But on the other hand, this is strange.

Because if all goes well, sex in itself is enjoyable. Could it be that your life between the sheets has deteriorated in part because you are not getting enough time?

It may be that this applies to 1 person, or to both. And it is important to find out who is involved and what can be done about it.

Your partner won’t tell you if you’re bad in bed

But the fastest way to increase attraction is to make sure you get better.

I’ve already explained to you that flirting is the foundation of a relationship. And that the differences between men and women are emphasized. In bed, those differences are only greater.

Men won’t tell you if you’re bad in bed. And if he doesn’t feel like it, this can definitely play a role.

Don’t take this too personally. It’s not like you are taught that at school. And he doesn’t advise you either. So there wasn’t much you could do about it until now.

But if this is the case, you can look at www.meesterminnares.nl. There you will find tips on what you can do to make him crazy.

Tip 12: Send your husband on a course

Send your husband on a course but of course, it can also be the other way around. What if your husband doesn’t like it?

Many women shrug, pretending it’s not important.

A good friend of mine had found the perfect man – except he was an awfully clumsy bum between the sheets.

She was a bit giggly about that. Like,” Well, what difference does it make? “

And it didn’t matter in the beginning either. But after a few years, it got annoying. And after five years downright frustrating. Then the bar was full and she took action.

There are many different things you can do:

  • Give him a book.
  • Send him on a course. (there are plenty).
  • Let him read articles on www.meesterminnaar.nl.
  • Teach him yourself about what you like.
  • Disclaimer: Be a little careful how you bring it up. Because most men won’t like to hear. At best, you buy two books and both of you get to work. That is how you communicate that it is up to both of you, not just him.

That said, it is important that he hears it. Because sooner or later your relationship will suffer greatly.

Tip 13: Do not get upset by people who say that it is not important.

Everyone has an opinion about sex there will be plenty of people who will tell you it doesn’t matter.

And that you shouldn’t worry so much.

Because everyone has an opinion about it. Your partner, your friends, and even your mother.

But the problem is, if you listen to this, you set yourself up for trouble.

I hope that I have explained sufficiently above why such an attitude does not work. And what to do instead.

Now you know what to do with a relationship without intimacy or a sexless relationship.
Like I said before, sex is one of the most important things in a relationship.

BUT there is one more important thing …

A principle that applies to every man and every man needs to be happy in a relationship. I just won’t tell you what this is here. I have made a report in which I explain it to you step by step.