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15 Signs That Prove He’s In Love With You


Dating someone has never been as easy as it is today – but also never as complicated. Dating apps are the reason for this. They make it easier for us to get to know someone, but at the same time, it becomes more and more difficult to be able to assess them. Questions like, “Is he serious about me?” or ” Is he even in love with me?”  are therefore not unusual. It’s not that difficult to find out if he’s falling in love with you. These 15 signs show that he probably means business:

  • He answers for no apparent reason

A man in love will not take too long after the first date to call you. Usually he longs for you and just wants to hear your voice. He does not need a valid reason for this. Often he just wants to know how you are doing. Do not be amazed at such behavior, but rather be pleased that it is interested in you.

  • He longs to be around you

When a man is in love with you, it is not enough for him to just hear your voice. He wants to see you too – as often as possible. So you shouldn’t be surprised if he just wants to meet you at home without planning anything concrete. This shows you that his interest in you is meant seriously. Prove that you are interested in him and suggest appointments more often on your own!

  • He has a lot of time for you

Free time is valuable. The job and other duties usually leave little time for hobbies and interests. Still, a man in love with you often has time for you. Even if he’s just rushing from one appointment to the next, he’ll take time to see you in between – even if it’s only for a few minutes. Return his interest and try to spend your free time with him too!

  • He introduces you to his friends

A man who is in love with you can hardly wait to introduce you to his everyday life and introduce you to his friends. And not only that: He raves about you in his circle of friends in the highest tones. Appreciate his behavior by being open to his friends!

  • He wants to get to know your friends

A man in love not only wants you to meet his friends, he is also curious about the people who are close to you. When he spends time with your friends for the first time, he shows interest in your circle of acquaintances and uses every opportunity to show everyone how much he likes you. 

  • He looks you in the eye

If a man is really in love, he uses every opportunity to make eye contact with his loved one. Especially when he holds your gaze long and hard and clearly enjoys looking you in the eye, you can assume that he means business to you. Show him that you feel the same way and look back at him!

  • His gestures reveal his interest

The best way to tell if he is really in love with you is by a man’s body language. He not only maintains eye contact, but bends over to you during the conversation and signals openness by not crossing his arms in front of his body. Communicate with open gestures and let him recognize your affection!

  • He’s a good listener

Does the man sitting across from you listen intently when you tell something? Does he respond to what you say? Does he have any questions and is interested in your opinion? Then assume that he is serious about you. Show your interest by responding to him as well.

  • He seeks physical contact with you

If a man is attracted to you, he will try to establish physical contact with you on occasion. Your arms touch each other very lightly, as if by chance, or he puts his hand on your shoulder for a moment. These touches are by no means clumsy, on the contrary, they are very respectful. You too will catch yourself doing such small gestures from time to time when you are in love.

  • He is interested in your hobbies

His interest in your passions is one of the major signs that he is in love with you. Even if he is personally unrelated to your hobbies, a man in love will enthusiastically ask you about it. Show interest in the things he likes to do!

  • Remember everything you say

If a guy suddenly freezes over your every word, he may be totally infatuated with you. He finds everything you say totally fascinating and wants to remember all the details, so it hits you with how much he listened to what you said.

  • He can’t stop talking about you

Whenever you meet someone they know, they say, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard a lot about you!” If so it is because he is clearly impressed and tells anyone and everyone who will listen!

  • He buys you gifts

If he starts getting wet with cute, funny or romantic gifts, he’s definitely trying to tell you something!

  • Keep telling you how special you are

If he always lets you know how special you are, it’s because he doesn’t really think he’s met a girl like you or feels like this before. He’s definitely in love with you and tries to let you know just that!

  • He tells you! 

Let’s face it, some guys are just simpler. If he tells you he loves you, then believe him! It’s that simple!

With these 15 pointers in hand, you are now well prepared to spot the signs as to whether the man you are meeting with has serious feelings for you or whether your relationship is only superficial.

Final thought

Every man is different, but if he shows some or all of these signs a man is falling in love with you, that’s a pretty good indication that the feeling is mutual. It will only be a matter of time until you receive those three little words that you are dying to hear!