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35 Signs That You Have Met Your Soulmate


Unfortunately or fortunately, no article on the Internet can tell if you’re meant for one another. Only you who know your relationship trust your intuition and your heart. How do you understand that the current partner is the ideal spouse or partner for life? We have gathered 35 signs that let you know you have met your soul mate.

1. He has similar values

People are known for loving one another without memory, though if they have various goals and values, sooner or later, they will break up. Discuss important things before getting married like family, health, spirituality, view on society, and children. You do not have to accept everything, but values ​​do not contradict one another.

2. You need one and discuss it

For instance, if you both partners want children, discuss who should sit with a kid and who should earn money. Or you think of opening the shelter for a dog and just living there with your pets. Or your life preference for the residence coverage or when you want to relocate to another country.

3. You argue, but it is okay

Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable and important in all long-term relationships. It isn’t easy to agree on everything, and adults know this. The couples in a healthy relationship are not afraid to express their feelings and grievances immediately because they understand they will be listened to and accepted.

4. He respects your limits

He doesn’t try to kill your limits but admits them. For instance, he doesn’t persuade you to do things in bed you don’t want to do or requests you stay at home when you’re out with friends.

5. You trust him to run small tasks

For example, if you ask him to bring you coffee, he will do it, pick up the pad pack at the register, or pay the phone bill.

6. He responds to feedback

For instance, if you peacefully ask him to put cups in the cup holders, he won’t create any drama, and he won’t do anything to challenge or snort in response.

7. You are not interdependent

Attachment and addition are two different things. You want to spend 100 percent of your time with a man, but in the same way, you realize that you can live without him. He makes everything suitable.

8. You develop and grow as individuals

Any healthy long-term relationship requires change and growth together. You’re sure that you won’t be loved since your partner will also develop as a person.

9. You endured a long-distance relationship

Essentially, it was scary and hard, but you loved one another so that you attained your goal.

10. He quickly goes with you to all events

Maybe he might not always want to do it, which is okay. However, he may not have any problem having a meal with your family, at his brother’s graduation, or at an awkward classmate’s celebration.

11. You feel comfortable organizing things six months or one year before

You feel very secure in a relationship, and it doesn’t even occur to you that you’re leaving and have to find somebody to replace you. This makes it easy to plan a trip or vacation to concerts together.

12. He takes care of your friends

He usually asks how they’re doing by remembering their names and offering assistance when somebody is in a challenging situation.

13. He complements you

Unwashed face, dirty hair, sleepy eyes, or stretched sweatpants? He will say you’re his favorite.

14. You have excellent sex

If you are having sex, your partner may not be good on paper. Mutual attraction and chemistry will fit you together.

15. After a long breakup, you still want to see him

It may appear you have been courting for a long and you may not feel the breakup pain. But you will always be happy like a child when you meet again after a long breakup.

16. You feel experiment with him in bed

Even if he doesn’t like the practice, he won’t judge you and may listen to you even if it is not to his taste.

17. You treat one another with generosity and kindness

He won’t regret giving you the last slice of pizza and will always get the correct words to comfort you when the pizza runs out.

18. He praises you to the friends

For instance, he can’t hide his joy when you pass an exam or when you are happy and share the news with your friends.

19. He sacrifice anything for you

For instance, you can change the work shift to celebrate your birthday. However, a man is unlikely to instantly agree to take on four children if he doesn’t want them.

20. He loves dating you

For instance, he will open a door for you, carry heavy luggage, or carry you by hand. He can also take care of you, in other words: for example, by ironing T-shirts or serving coffee.

21. He plans the entertainment, which won’t please him only

For example, if you are against guns, you will not go to the shooting range. He will remember it and select a place you mentioned.

22. You’re open and honest with each other

You do not hide, and you don’t find excuses. You do not look for reasons to take weird online tests or buy frog-shaped hats. All you know is that everyone will accept you.

23. You’re not ashamed of crying before him

He will know when you need an assistant and when you touch a cute puppy video.

24. You know his family, and he knows yours

Not essentially personally; not everybody has this opportunity. Nevertheless, he knows who’s in your family and can effortlessly call your mother if he requires to solve any problem.

25. Your relationships with family and friends also improve

Healthy relationships ignite other areas of personal lives, like friends and family. You will appreciate your loved ones and get rid of bad people easier.

26. You can get angry

Aggression and anger are normal human emotions. If they’re not conveyed in traumatic acts, it’s normal to experience them. Your friend understands this and allows you to complain, be indignant, or rage and not take what’s not worth personally.

27. You feel safe

Typically, you feel like you have found a cozy place and home where you feel comfortable and good.

28. He understands how to applaud you up

He will find the correct words if you’re having a bad day or worried about what’s happening worldwide. Or he will not even speak, but he will cover you with the blanket or make you some tea.

29. He wants to partake in the happiness

You’re ready to keep talking about how good this guy is, how well he prepares things for you and how well you two are together.

30. He is the first person with whom you share something important

He is always happy to hear about your work story or react to a funny photo.

31. He does not try to change you

He understands that you do not cook, you do not clean, and you go out without any reason, and that’s fine with him.

32. You send each other messages about what you need

This is not mercy sweet but a reality.

33. You love living with him

Even though you prefer living alone, in any case, he is comfortable with it

34. You have a hard time advising friends who have relationship problems

Since anything you say sounds like bragging.

35. You do not want a wedding; however, spend your entire life with him

Maybe you decide you don’t even require to sign, though you need to spend each day with him until the end.


As a woman, it becomes a challenge if you want to know whether you have met your soul mate. Sometimes it requires you to discuss it with your family or friends to know the exact answer. After reading this article, you know the 35 signs that you have met your soul mate. Apply them, and you will see the truth about your mate.