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4 Things Never do It Before Bed


When men and women live together, sometimes there are misunderstandings because they come from different backgrounds. Some become annoyed if there are not interested in some behavior of the other one, resulting in quarrels and hatred the whole day and even in bed. If the bed life has no rules, it is good. If the rules are not followed, this can result in consequences like fights and quarrels. There are 4 tips for men and women that should not be done before bed. How do you comprehend the rules? They are supposed to be experienced on a perceptive level.

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 4 Tips for men and women never do it before bed

1.Fight before bed

According to psychology, if there is a rise in a quarrel, you are supposed to solve it before sleeping. This quote is precise to psychology because it can take a wrong path if not solved. At night you may not be able to sleep well because you will just be thinking about the fight, how it all began, the way you got hurt by the words also ways of taking your revenge on your partner. This may distract your sleep, and you will end up stressed up the whole night hence not getting enough sleep. In the same way, there will be uncertain worries even in the dream.

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Lots of thoughts flowing in your mind at night may give you stress and anxiety, resulting in some diseases associated with stress, for instance: heart disease, headaches, depression, and high blood pressure; hence your health can be a very big danger and can even result to death. Even in the morning, things can become more deplorable and even hotter. Make sure that you resolve your differences and go to sleep peacefully to avoid worrying about having a sweet sleep throughout the night.

2.Household trifles

It is an opinion that every lady is supposed to go to bed without creams or masks. Because it is time for you to sleep, you are not supposed to put on the makeup because the skin is supposed to get time to breathe. When you sleep and have applied the makeup, you are preventing the skin renewal from happening, and it can cause extensive damage to your skin at night. So, it is always recommended to let your skin breathe and not apply cream or makeup before bed. You are not supposed to fall asleep when wearing ten-year-old disheveled pajamas or other similar outfits.

It would be best to choose loose clothes to be comfortable while sleeping. This is because tight clothes can increase your core body temperature, which is unsuitable for better sleep at night. Wearing tight clothes at night can also affect the flow of blood in your body, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep. Also, choose clean clothes since you can’t just sleep in dirty pajamas.  Men should not take long while talking on the phone, on social networks, in print, on a laptop, and at work. This may distract the lady when she falls asleep.

It’s believed that the blue light produced by cell phone screen reduce melatonin production, the hormone, which controls the sleep-wake cycle. This makes it even more challenging to sleep during the night and wake up the following day. Being on the social network at night before bed can affect how well you sleep. It can reduce the amount of time you sleep, leaving you feeling unrefreshed the following day. Also, working for long before you go to sleep can make your body feel fatigued, affecting your sleep mode.

3.Do not say bad things before you go to bed

Among the 4 tips for men and women that should not be done before bed is do not say bad things before you go to bed. Considering the psycho type of your partner is the important thing. For instance, those choleric people tend to get the events told by the other half very strongly. Because of this, they can have restless sleep or even none at all. They can cry throughout the night, having lots of thoughts that can affect their sleep by being in that situation. Also, this can lead to some health conditions resulting in various types of diseases.

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When considering the sanguine people, it’s worth leaving jokes and loud laughter with them. This is because they will miss the necessary relaxation and want you to continue with storytelling. Typically, this is the assured sleepless night, and they will wake up feeling unrefreshed the following morning, or else they will want to extend their sleep during the day, making them late to work. The worst can also happen, and they can miss reporting to their workplaces and end up being fired.

4.Do not watch the scary movies before bed

For melancholy, particularly those who love watching movies before going to bed, it is recommended to put aside melodramas, dramas, and other films, which can have a sad ending. Typically, these people have a remarkable visual memory. Some frames seen in a movie can be felt in the dream and are turned into an entire sad story. 

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Likewise, the mood may not be good in the morning. Phlegmatic people require emotions. Physical reactions to terrifying movies include a spike in blood pressure and increased heart rate. Therefore, when you are anxious, you can respond negatively and misinterpret sensations as real treats in life, leading to serious health conditions.

Watching horror movies may be scary; they will just be reflecting on the horror parts, which will affect their sleep. They may have nightmares, thus shouting and crying at night because of being scared of what they watched. Hence they can have a very sad day the following day and feel fatigued because of the sleepless night. So, before resting at night, such people are supposed to be told an incredible story about how they struggle with something but finally cope successfully.

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After a long day, having a good sleep is the desire of every person to set rules for the bed to help you enjoy your sleep throughout the night. However, failure to have the rules can lead to distressing consequences. You require these four tips for men and women not to do it before bed. This includes not fighting before bed, household trifles, do not say bad things before you go to bed, and do not watch scary movies before bed. If these tips are not done, a night’s sleep will be sweet and lovely, and now will wake up the following day a fresh.