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7 Things Every Husband Secretly Wants In Bed


In bed, men surprisingly like rather simple things. But we don’t know, since we never really dared to ask. What do every husband secretly want in bed? And how do you drive a man crazy in bed? Here is all you need to know.

Sexually fulfilling a man is not as difficult as it sounds. Contrary to what you might think, it’s often the easiest thing that works. Of course, the main thing you should think about during sex is your kicks and preferences. And tell him about it as much as possible so that he can help make your wishes come true. But it’s not completely uninteresting what the man by your side wants. Especially when it comes down to roughly the same thing and the two of you can meet for a little fireworks display of lust. Here are 7 things every husband secretly wants in bed.

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Men like to watch us in bed 

Among the things that turn men on visual stimulation. And yes, gentlemen love to watch us during sex. To satisfy this pleasure, you can choose positions that allow them to admire you, the missionary remains a reference in terms of looks. It is known, sex eye to eye increases sensations tenfold. 

To allow her to observe your eyes and more, you can opt for a mirror right in front of the bed. In short, to drive a man completely crazy, let him admire you. But if you feel uncomfortable about being scrutinized, don’t hesitate to talk to your partner. Everything is a matter of consent, even the looks.

Men like to try out new positions

Have you seen a new position that you want to test but you are not sure about? A word of advice: don’t censor yourself and go for it! In addition to breaking the routine of the couple, testing new sexual positions allows you to discover other sensations. Not to mention the fact that taking initiative in bed is a gesture that turns a man on. 

The Kamasutra is full of different positions, each more creative than the next. The embrace of the panda, or the luminous triangle, in short, let your desires speak for themselves! Just knowing that you want to try new things can turn him on immeasurably.

Men love to see women take control 

When asked “ what do men like in bed? ” Many men will tell you that they like women who take the reins. For them, there is nothing more exciting than a partner who knows what she wants.

That doesn’t mean you have to dress in leather, grab a whip and ask “who’s the boss?” On the contrary, it can happen very simply. Just push him onto the bed, hold his arms up to his head, and be on top of him. You can also ask him very openly what you want to achieve. “Do me a cunnilingus” or “take me doggy style”, in short, do not hesitate to verbalize your desires. Taking control is part of what men like to be done.  

They want to share their fantasies

Many men dream of certain positions or practices but do not dare to tell their partners about them. The fear of being labeled “typical man” is too great. Men want more understanding – whether you go along with the practice or not. Sometimes it’s just a matter of communicating.

Quickie and then home? Yes, some men can stand on it! And a spontaneous, quick love game is sometimes just the thing. But most of them like it when you celebrate the love game. With extensive foreplay and penetration that is repeatedly interrupted to delay the orgasm.

So: let yourself go. Kiss him passionately in a strange, slightly dark place. And start touching it in the private parts. Don’t be afraid, you have the world in your hand! And what comes next, well … smile!

What do men want to hear in bed?

Don’t believe everything that is said in cheap sex films. So neither the stories nor what allegedly dirty talk-practiced women moan in their husbands’ ears during sex. No man wants to hear that he is their “strong stallion”.

Of course, men, like women, want to be praised for what they do. But that doesn’t have to be too explicit. An occasional “Oh, yes” or an “Is that cool” is enough. The important thing is: it has to be honest, authentic. Better a serious deep sigh than half an hour of “Mh-ah-oh-yes!” in a continuous loop. 

What do men like when they cuddle?

One of the most important things we learn about men is that for most, there is no either-or in one place: either it’s cuddling – or it’s sex. The man needs clarity, otherwise, he will be disappointed afterward if “only” was cuddled. Bit stupid, yes. But often the predator just gets away with him.
But that doesn’t mean that men don’t like to cuddle. Lying huddled together, now and then a gentle kiss – that works wonderfully. Best of all, of course, when a nice film is shown. If possible, no porn – otherwise we’ll quickly be back to either-or.

Like everyone, men love to feel wanted. Most of the time we are the ones to woo and try to attract your attention more and more, appointment after appointment. When we are with a woman and we feel that she wants to be with us, that she reciprocates with affection and commitment, that she is more and more in love, there is no better feeling in the world.

Men want you most of all in bed – real and naked

In times of excessive porn consumption, one might think that women can no longer please men in bed. This is nonsense. There just has to be more of what doesn’t exist on the internet: honest, wild lust. Deep, intimate passion. Everything real. Authentic sex is not only competitive compared to web porn – it is unbeatable.

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In the end, try to talk about it. If your partner isn’t on the side of casual relationships, but the story goes on, try to figure out what he or she wants. What are his secret fantasies, what he would like to share with you in moments of intimacy? Do the same with him. And let go of all inhibitions.