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7 Ways To Make One-sided Love Successful


Do you feel lonely despite being with your partner? You may be giving more than you are receiving. In a relationship, there must be balance and reciprocity. But are there ways to make one sided love successful? How do you know you are in a one sided love?

When you feel that you give more than your partner or that there is no reciprocity, your relationship may have become one-sided. It is the complete opposite of a bond and balance. The first problem may be that it takes time to realize that we are in that situation.

Signs of a one-sided love

If you want to know if you are in a one-sided relationship, here are five key characteristics that could give you the answer:

Cancels your plans with him regularly

A relationship is not just about one person waiting for the other to want to see them. If your partner constantly cancels your plans, there is no interest, and you should not continue in that relationship.

There is no space to be with you, and he does not dedicate time to you
Not spending time with the person you love reflects that it is not so important in your life as to make a space in your agenda. Yes, it is important to have an independent life, but we must also find a way that the routine of both fits.

You can’t express your feelings

If you want to tell him something about how much you like the relationship or if something bothers you, yet you cannot because you know that he will judge you. If you put too much effort into pleasing him, you will feel emotionally drained and the relationship will end faster than it should. What are you waiting for?

He doesn’t involve you in their plans

In everything they should share, you are out: their restaurants, their series, their schedule, everything. If this is your case, you are in an immature relationship where the word commitment does not exist.

Puts you aside

Part of committing to a relationship means integrating your lives. If your partner does not consider you at all, call him family, friends, travel, and others, he has no interest in forming something serious with you and is only passing through.

How to deal with a one-sided relationship and ways to make one-sided love successful
Identify the signal that makes you believe that your relationship is one-sided
What specifically makes you believe that you are in a one-sided relationship? Is it the lack of emotional support from your partner, or is it more of an imbalance of responsibilities? Knowing why you feel like you are the only person struggling will help you determine what you can do to fix your one-sided relationship.
Talk about your feelings with your partner

There is a possibility that your partner is not aware of the imbalance in your relationship. Before you leave the relationship or explode into a future argument, have an honest conversation about how you feel. Explain why you think you are in a one-sided relationship and make your suggestions on how they could improve this situation. You may be surprised to find that your partner may feel the same way. By expressing your feelings openly, you are taking the most important step in improving the relationship overall.
Always be open to the other person’s feelings

Your perspective of balance in the relationship may be completely different from your partner’s. You should be able to express your feelings to the other person, but you should also be willing to listen to what he or she has to say. In this context, be open-minded to accept what your partner thinks about it. Give him the same respect that you expect for yourself.
Seek professional advice

If all of the above is not enough, you may need to work with a couples therapist to create a healthy balance in your relationship. It helps to have an unbiased person available to listen to both sides of the story and come up with an overall plan on how to get your relationship back from one-sided love on the right track.

Self love

You need to love yourself and allow yourself get the best out of the relationship you are in. loving yourself means you will have your own ‘say’ in the relationship not accepting anything that comes your way. If he is always busy on you, that means that you are the one who is too available for him. Love yourself and let him now you also matter in that relationship by telling him hence forth he will be hanging out alone!

Know that loving is easy

Don’t make it feel like loving is such a huge task to do. Let him know that he should not force himself to love but to flow with his feelings. That way he will be able to evaluate himself well whether he is truly in love or he is just forcing things. If there is chemistry between the two of you, then it will be easy to work on your relationship.

Constantly evaluate/open up your relationship

You may have done something to your partner and he got so angry and fall out of your love. He may not have discussed this with you but you just realized that your relationship has grown to one-sided love. Open up about the both of you, your fears, disappointments etc. through this you may be able to come to a conclusion of when you lost it in your relationship. Get it fixed and move on with your love life.


Sometimes it is hard to fix a relationship that only yourself is interested at making things right. If this is the scenario you are in, then don’t kill yourself just let it go. You were never meant to be! There is someone somewhere waiting for love that is not a one-sided love.