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80 Intimate Questions to Get To Know Your Partner Better


Ways of expanding practical and mutual knowledge in romantic relationships

Most of the time, psychologists are experts who desire to learn more about people’s personalities and behavior. However, ordinary people occasionally also behave as psychologists in their personal lives, they provide intimate questions to analyzing people’s behavior with whom they associate or have some relationship.

It happens when they meet new people and decide to begin a romantic relationship with somebody. They love to know more about your needs, tastes, and your life. Hopefully, you’ll spend the rest of your life with him.

Intimate questions about getting to know your partner

We all love to know whether that unique person is dynamic in personal relationships, shares your values, or if they are wrong or good to others. Consequently, in this article, we provide you a list of a questionnaire that provides excellent information about your partner.

From now on, it’s no longer a matter of using all these intimate questions to carefully and thoroughly analyze your partner. Instead, these questions can liven up intimate conversations and allow you to know your partner better whether they can open up their heart. So pay attention to the following lines.

1. Describe your perfect day

We all have varying images of life, and some are more optimistic while others are more pessimistic. Knowing your partner’s idea of the perfect day can assist you in imagining what their expectations are about it. It is also a great way to find out what their hobbies are.

2. Do you think you can have close relationships with various people?

It’s about getting an idea of ​​whether that person is a liberal or conservative of an intimate relationship.

3. Which part of your body do you love most?

Depending on the given answer, you can tell if your partner feels secure or insecure about his body.

4. Where can you go on an adventure?

In this way, you can experience the stimulating experiences that will get your partner’s attention the most.

5. Do you have an intimate fantasy?

It gives you an idea of ​​your limits in intimate moments.

7. Which is your most crucial thing in bed?

We all like one thing at a go. Some people prefer a loving treatment, while others prefer a sound body.

8. What do you most often do in bed?

This question talks about preferential treatment when having maximum intimacy.

9. What do you not like during sex?

There might be circumstances that seem very stressful to you. It’s better to talk about it and come to a conclusion together.

10. What do you think is essential during sex?

Understanding how a person sees love relationships can help improve the connection.

11. Which is the most valuable thing in a relationship?

Everyone looks for certain qualities in a loving partner. It’s good to research what your partner thinks.

12. Are you ready to try new things in your relationship?

It shows whether a person is open-minded and flexible.

13. How many kids would you like to have?

Even though it seems so strange, some people don’t want to get kids. If you love children, this information can be helpful.

14. Are there taboos you know of regarding intimate life?

In other terms, you may have that are preventing you from making the most out of your sex life.

15. Which is your biggest fear when having sex?

A straightforward way to tell if a person is uncomfortable with their body or is experiencing some insecurity

16. How crucial is a physicality to you?

Many people give priority to things such as stability, caring, and intelligence. Yet, others value beauty more than all the other qualities.

17. Do you love sex, and what parts make you feel like exploding with joy?

It’s always good when the other partner speaks out on how to make them happy. Communication is the key to a happy marriage.

18. What does sex mean to your partner?

It means understanding the crucial intimate moments of passion and other things concerning your partner that you care about.

19. What activity increases the likelihood of having sex?

It’s an easy way to know how to handle foreplay.

20. What drives the state of being sexually aroused?

Keeping eroticism in a couple is one of the essential things to a lifelong relationship.

21. What do you require from your partner?

It is good to prevent things that can result in misunderstandings. It is also helpful to know whether your partner is a defendant or on the opposite side. They view the partner as a compliment.

22. If you were to ask for three wishes, what can they be?

This question is simple and can express your innermost thoughts and needs. In this way, you can learn more about your partner, his objectives, and his goals.

23. If you could go back, would anything change in your life?

We all make mistakes in our daily lives and sometimes cause wounds that are yet to heal. This question can help you know your partner in detail.

24. Do you have any intimate secrets that you can share?

We all have ideas concerning our intimacy that we would want to tell our partners.

25. What information do I have about you, and does it remind me of my feelings for you?

You can do something and think your partner will love it. It’s good to know what your partner likes and what he doesn’t.

26. Which is your favorite hobby?

You must be knowing the answer to this question if you have been with your partner for a long time. However, if you are beginning a relationship, this might give you an idea of ​​your new love’s passions.

27. How was the relationship between you and your sister or mother?

You can find out how he relates with others, particularly those closest to him.

28. How do you feel about her making friends with the opposite sex?

Depending on the kind of answer that you give will help you know if you are jealous or not.

29. Where do you want to live?

We all have tastes, hobbies, and thoughts. Where to spend the rest of your life can make you less or more happy.

30. Do you believe in something? What are your religious beliefs?

Some people believe strongly in something. They can have prejudices that are serious and extreme. It also shows whether that person is tolerant of other people’s thoughts.

31. What could be the best title for your autobiography?

The best autobiography title should help you to know what kind of self-image person you are.

32. What are your thoughts about having children? Would you like to have children with him?

Another question about the desire to have children will help you get your partner’s opinion on the matter.

33. Do you participate in sports or have hobbies? Do you like to dance?

Knowing whether your partner shares your tastes can guarantee success if you have a passion for dancing and value it in your relationship.

34. Was your previous relationship good, and why are you alone now?

Knowing the state of your relationship is always good. Understanding a broken relationship makes you aware of what is not going on well and avoids it in the future.

35. What is your long-term and short-term life plan?

If love wins, you will share your entire life with that partner. That’s why you’re interested in learning more about your upcoming projects.

36. What are the four adjectives that best describe you?

It assists you in knowing how the other person sees himself.

37. What do you like least?

That way, you’ll get to know his worries and hobbies, and you’ll see if he’s a brave or a caring person.

38. What are your thoughts about betrayal? Have you ever betrayed?

You may have interest in hearing your partner’s opinion about infidelity. Is your partner tolerant concerning it, or does it mean nothing to him?

39. Are you active at night or in the morning?

If you are active at night and your partner in the morning, you may have difficulty keeping schedules.

40. Do you like loud or messy music? What type of music do you like?

Music speaks much about human personality. Even though not always, you get to know the other person better to understand his tastes well.

41. What do you fear most?

We all have worries about something. It’s better to know them and know how to deal with them together.

42. If money weren’t an issue, what type of life would you like to live?

To earn a living, money is, of course, vital. This question provides information about your partner’s true desires.

43. Can your partner offer you everything you require?

This question is not all about whether you meet the couple’s expectations or not, but it allows you to comprehend what they want when they’re with somebody.

44. About my personality, can you tell me three things that you could not live without

It assists you in comprehending what he values ​​most about you and what he likes most about you.

45. Tell your partner what you want to change about yourself and why

Whether it’s trauma, bad experiences, or complex experiences, occasionally, people aren’t wholly satisfied with our lives. Understanding your partner in this sense is good.

46. ​​​​What aspect of your relationship would you like to improve?

Even though relationships are sometimes hard to detect, they can be easy to improve. It’s good to know the opinion of your partner.

47. How do you feel about your partner?

A great way to get to know the other person is to ask this question.

48. What’s the best thing that happened to you in life?

Find out for yourself what makes you happy.

49. Where would you spend few days relaxing?

You can be able to tell whether your partner is subject to stress or calm. You can also research what you can do to remove him from that behavior.

50. Which situations can take you to your desire limit?

In other terms, what’s the most exciting about intimacy? It is an intimate but helpful question.

51. Which was the most stressful time in your life?

It is often good to learn more about your partner’s past to understand their thoughts and feelings.

52. Who significantly influenced you?

Once you know their role model, you get to know their values.

53. What is your dream in life?

It helps you have a rough idea of what to expect. Are the expectations realistic or not? Let him speak.

54. How do you understand the word love?

Love is a complicated phenomenon that everyone comprehends in their way.

55. When did you know that you were now an adult?

The easiest way to find out if a person is mature or conversely is not yet mature

56. What do you think creates intimacy?

A way to learn how another person understands this special bond between two people

57. What is that thing that everyone fears but you don’t?

Knowing the other person’s unique characteristics is something that you can achieve by talking about their fears.

58. Who were you closest to when you were a child?

It is an intimate question about childhood memories.

59. Which country would you travel on foot for love?

A question that helps you better understand the level at which your partner is in love.

60. Who do you wish to remember?

A question that can provide fascinating answers

61. Between friendship and love, which is more important to you?

That helps you in discovering some of the deeply held values.

62. Do you like cats or dogs better?

Everyone has a vivid preference for any of these pets.

63. Did I say or do something that is a bother to you?

You may not realize it now, but that can be the best opportunity to handle certain situations in an atmosphere of trust.

64. What were your desires in your childhood?

Fulfilling your childhood dreams may or may not come to pass.

65. Did you want to parachute?

Assess risk aversion.

66. What is the ideal prototype of a man or a woman?

Get to know your tastes and preferences in deeper detail.

67. Did you ever get bullied in high school or college?

Unluckily, many people experienced bullying. You can improve the bond of your relationship by sharing your experiences.

68. Can you drive 1000 km to see your partner for a few hours?

The level of sacrifice that you make for your partner is sometimes incredible.

69. What was the worst insult you’ve ever received in your life?

Perhaps a weakness or insecurity can arise.

70. Is there something intangible about love, or do you think love is a chain of neurochemicals?

This is a very philosophical question to learn more about your partner’s worldview.

71. Which part of your body do you love least?

By asking questions about the body parts you least like, you learn more about self-esteem and insecurity.

72. What is friendship for you?

The question helps us to know what our partners comprehend about friendship and what you expect of them.

73. Which is your favorite movie?

The flavors of the movie tell us more about who the person is and what kind of movie makes them feel good or bad.

74. Who was your childhood idol?

Childhood is a unique space that shapes us to be what we are today, especially if we remember that time; it can be helpful to us.

75. Where will you be in the next five years?

The question concerning the ambitions, dreams, and hopes of the people we love also makes us better partners.

76. Are there songs that remind you of your partner?

Occasionally we may, without knowing, associate a song with a specific person, including our partner.

77. Do you believe in life after death?

A question that no doubt contains an exciting philosophical debate.

78. Do you relate well with your parents?

Not everybody is lucky enough to relate well with their parents; several people might have conflicts.

79. What are your thoughts concerning your first conscious memory?

The earliest life memories mold us forever into future development.

80. Are you still having childhood friends?

It is an excellent sign to maintain friendships from nursery school because it shows that you grew up with positive childhood friends.

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