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Cheating during pregnancy

cheating during pregnancy

A determined and brave woman doesn’t accept everything society advocates, such as infidelity in marriages. However, sometimes even the brave women persevere, thinking it’s possible to overcome the infidelity. Nevertheless, the chances of cheating continuing even after persevering are still high. In most cases, infidelity happens after several years in marriage or after years. The only solution that remains in such cases is separation, especially to set an example for the young girls. For example, the below is the actual marriage life of Orlina with a cheating partner.

When Orlina met Berto, she loved him and was looking forward to having a family with him. Everything went as planned, and in no time, they married. Their marriage was celebrated in society, and they were seen as a role model. In their marriage, they encountered problems, but Orlina’s love for Berto made her persevere. Although it was painful for Orlina, society and family categorized these issues as expected.

After some time, Orlina was pregnant, and this brought immense joy to her. She would spend most of her time listening to her child’s heartbeat from the echo video. After six months, the preparations for the newborn began, and that is where the stress started. Berto developed a different attitude, and he was no longer attracted to Orlina or her pregnancy. She would sometimes try to make her husband happy, although she was disappointed at her husband’s behavior.  Her husband’s behavior stressed her to the extent of dreaming of having fun with him.

One weekend, after convincing Berto, Orlina welcomed her husband’s friend, who was also married. In mind, Orlina wanted the whole event to bring them closer and rekindle their relationship rather than end it. For around four months, Berto had not hugged Orlina.  Orlina thought the presence of Berto’s friend would relax him, and he will reconnect with her once again.

In the same bar where Orlina prepared the event, around six girls aged 19 to 22 were present. However, their intention was quite different from that of Orlina. These girls were teasing, laughing, and jumping by the time Orlina, Berto, and their friend checked in. For the rest of the afternoon, Orlina nd her company had a walk in town, which lasted like 30 minutes. Berto kept on complaining about the walk, and Orlina’s belly was also heavy, so they had to return to the bar. Once in the bar, Berto started drinking near until supper time.  After supper, Berto insisted they go to the disco, which surprised everyone. Although Orlina’s feet were hurting, she accepted as she thought it was a sign of Berto’s attraction to her.

In the disco, the same group of girls Orlina had seen earlier was already drunk and dancing. At a glance, Orlina would see the girls were pretty, to a point she remembered her early 20s age. After around 40 minutes, Berto was already drunk, and he started dancing with the girls. Things were escalating fast, and he bought drinks for the girls. Also, one of the girls was flirting with him openly, to a point Orlina and her friend’s urged Berto to leave. Orlina was already exhausted and ashamed of Berto’s behavior. Finally, Orlina and her friends had to go, leaving Berto flirting with the girl. The following morning, when Orlina woke up to get the breakfast ready, she found Berto drunk and lying on the couch. After breakfast, Orlina and her friends left for a walk in a nearby park to enjoy the sun and the fresh outdoor air.

They found Berto intimately speaking with the girl they were flirting with the previous night when they got back. When Berto saw his wife and friends, he approached them and apologized, which Orlina accepted and forgave him. Orlina was tired and didn’t want to hear anything more, and so she walked towards their room’s elevators. Orlina could listen to her husband apologize to her friends profusely. Suddenly, he started to walk towards her, apologizing. Although Orlina was planning to ignore, he sounded genuine. Orlina gave in, and they started hugging, which continued for some time even after getting into their room. After all, Orlina had longed for the hugs, and she felt they were reconnecting. They later rejoined their friends, and everything went well as planned. On top, Berto booked for Orlina a special massage for pregnant women. At this point, Orlina saw everything as perfect, and she was relaxed, even to fall asleep on his arms.

The following morning, Orlina woke up, only to realize her husband was not in the room.  She started going around the bar looking for him, but everything was turned off. She inquired from the reception the room the girls they had previously seen were. Although they were hesitant to tell her, Orlina’s desperation made them direct her to the room.  Apart from the bedroom, there was a small room with two medium sofas. One of the group girls was on one of the sofas.

  Instantly, Orlina realized her husband must be in one of the rooms with a girl, and so she enquired from the girl on the sofa.  The girl disclosed what had transpired the previous night at around midnight. Berto had come to their room to stay with her friend, and they started watching movies. Things escalated fast, and Berto and the girl started caressing and kissing, to a point the girl on the sofa had to excuse herself and left the room. Yes, she was an eyewitness of Berto betraying her wife when she was pregnant.

After this, Orlina woke her friends, they packed their belongings, and at around seven in the morning, they were leaving.  When Berto saw them departing, he tried to explain, but at this point, Orlina couldn’t listen as she was already tired and decided. Orlina decided to move on and raise her kid in a positive and kind environment. In a nutshell, that is how Berto betrayed her wife when she was pregnant.

From the infidelity Orlina went through in her marriage, its clear separation is sometimes the only wise decision you can make. Separation allows you to raise the kids in a positive and kind environment. Also, Orlina is a clear indication of the need to stand firm on your values and principles, irrespective of society’s expectations.

However, after reading this story, we will appreciate your feedback on the following questions.

Do you think it was the first time for Berto to cheat on her wife? Do you believe Orlina’s decision to leave the marriage was wise?

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