Coaching By Dr. Bob Huizenga

What You Expect In The Coach:

  • I will provide a safe place for you (and perhaps your partner.) You will have an environment to be fearlessly YOU. This safe place will invite you to experience calm, peace, validation and personal confidence.
  • I will help you formulate words and phrases (in new, fresh and non confrontational ways) to share with your partner that bring about resolution and reconnection without ultimatums, drama or wimping out.
  • I will help you understand and even appreciate the hidden meaning beneath your partner’s distinctive words and actions. You will begin to realize that their problem is not your problem. In understanding you will feel compassion and no longer have a need to react.
  • I will enable you to get to CORE issues and patterns quickly. We, with a deep sense of care, cut to the chase quickly. We peer beneath the old ways and target the underling fears, anger, needs and concerns. Once spoken they lose their power. Identifying the CORE issue(s) usually takes 15 minutes. No need to talk your problems to death.
  • I will be your fiercest ally while holding a deep respect for you partner or spouse. I will advocate for you in ways that honor your personal power and the integrity of those closest to you.
  • I will help you measure your progress, so you maintain your commitment and enthusiasm for life changes. We will break down progress into smaller steps so you are grounded in what is possible.
  • I will help you relearn love, marriage and relationships. A new world of love, marriage and relationships will open to you, no longer shackled by fear based thoughts but now open to a love that is deep, fearless and lasting.

The mechanics of coaching are very simple.

I typically call you for a half-hour session once a week. We may meet more frequently if you are in crisis. We may meet less if you move past the crisis and are in learning mode. Some “bank” their sessions until triggered by old feelings and patterns.

The half-hour sessions come with or without email privileges. Email privileges allow you to email me between sessions with questions, comments, or a need for input and guidance.