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Can I fall in love with a married man?


Can you fall in love with a married man? “No way!” Will say all the women who have been cheated on before. “What should you do, where love falls …” will answer the women who have fallen in love with a forgiven man. Love has nothing to do with being allowed to.

When two people fall in love and one of them is bound, it can lead to an incredibly painful bond, no question about it. A secret affair is difficult for everyone involved to endure or very hurtful when it comes to light.

Especially when the man is already a father and children are involved, a lot of consideration is required. Because those who have children are responsible for their well-being for the rest of their lives. But despite all our duty and responsibility, we must not forget that a person who is not doing well cannot take good care of others. An unhappy father will not be able to care for his children as well as one who is satisfied with his life. 

Love for a married man: men bow to duty 

Even so, many men consider it their duty to stay with the family, even if that duty is overwhelming and the relationship with the wife has become completely numb. This attitude was often passed on to them by their fathers, who grew up in a completely different time. Feelings weren’t half as important as they are today. Everyone just had to work. Personal happiness? Puff cake.

In any case, what is never good is a double life. Secretly having a relationship with the beloved and still officially belonging to the wife and children – that tears the man apart and makes both women unhappy. Also, the children suffer from it, because of course, they feel it when their parents are so unhappy. A clear decision is much better. 

In love with a married man: to go or stay?

There is nothing we can do about love. Anyone who has loved once will know how incredibly difficult it is to decide to break up and live with a new woman. But one thing is certain: such deep feelings cannot simply be hushed up. Even if we choose duty and decency, they continue to work in us, leave us no peace and make us unhappy. 

“I love a married man”: A great love in the small province

A friend told me the following story: “One of the most beautiful love stories I know was from one of my first bosses. He and his secretary. Both married. Still: great love. So, not just cheating or something. But great love What wasn’t that easy back then, and in the provinces too. At some point, they made it public, moved away, lived somewhere else for 20 years, then came back as retirees, built a house in their old hometown. Two years ago on New Year’s Eve they were together in the hospital because they somehow caught an infection (and he was also very sick anyway). Then he died on New Year’s Eve. One hospital room away from her. “

This love story shows that it can sometimes make sense to listen to your heart. When the feelings are so deep, we should stand by our love – even if the man is still taken – or let our man go if our relationship doesn’t seem to offer any chance of mutual happiness and he has fallen in love with another woman.

With these 5 tips, you can get a married man.

Tip 1: wild-caught

Even when you get to know each other, you have to be in control (of course, he shouldn’t notice that). Flirt with him, show yourself from your wild side and if he has bitten, then let him go first! You’re an independent, strong woman who hasn’t been waiting for him. This awakens the hunting instincts even in a man with a wedding ring and his interest is piqued – the foundation stone has been laid.

Tip 2: no feelings

The nice thing about the affair with the strange husband:

You have fantastic sex and no everyday life together. But if you notice that you are falling into a deep hole when he quickly runs away after the love game and you tinker around your cell phone for days and hope that he finally answers, then feelings are involved. 

Jealousy, anger, and despair spread. But with these emotions, you strain the nerves of a forgiven man who associates them with a home. So, if you want to steer your affair in the direction of a relationship, then grit your teeth and be sweet, loving, and relaxed. He will enjoy the carefree time with you all the more and will certainly want more of it soon.

Tip 3: Don’t stalk

Under no circumstances should you befriend your affair on Facebook and you shouldn’t suddenly appear in his favorite restaurants, bars, and clubs. Firstly, there is the risk that your love affair will be exposed and, secondly, you may find out things from his everyday life that you do not want to know. Give him space and the time he needs to say goodbye to his “old life”. He will thank you. 

Tip 4: No public

There is no need to mention it, but you should avoid places where you or the man with the wedding ring are known. Keep your little secret to yourself until he breaks up with his wife. And even then you should be understanding if he doesn’t want to present you as his new wife in public right away.

Tip 5: Don’t make plans for the future

Very important: don’t dream of a common future for now. Every affair has much to process first: Divorces are expensive, a War of the Roses unnerving and his children (if any) are particularly affected by this situation. But remember, in love and war one can and must be selfish!

Love is a gift that comes but can also go. When love is gone, then we have to let the man go too. Whatever comes after, it will be better than living with a love that has faded.