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Female Led Relationship


Do you no longer feel comfortable in the relationship as it is currently developing? Do you only live side by side with your partner or do you even seem to be living apart? Then here’s an idea you should check out!

Your partner will carry you on their hands, pamper you, adore you, and love you as you have always wanted. With this solution, your relationship gets structure and a clear line. It may be the best thing to do to save your relationship! It will come to life as you wish or imagine.

What is flr – a female led relationship

If you – as a woman – take the lead in your relationship, female dominance results in the partnership. A female-led relationship is called flr, which is lived in four stages.

Flr is conducted with love, appreciation, and mindfulness towards the man gender. The areas of life are led according to your understanding with the best of knowledge, conscience and thus the love of partnership becomes a question of interpretation.

It is important to talk about your wishes and needs together so that the four levels of leadership, relationship, recognition, and admiration for you, are not lost.

In our society, this demand is widespread, consciously, and unconsciously, without the partners knowing what this relationship is all about.

What levels of female led relationship are there?

Level 1

At this stage, the woman does not even think about such a form of relationship, she only tries rudimentarily to steer him in the direction she wants without explicit instructions. She lets him do household chores, for example, if he wants, and he can pamper her a little too.

 Level 2

Here the woman has already heard or read from flr. She now sets the tone more offensively, consciously gives the man tasks, and takes the pampering for granted.

Level 3

Is actually the official flr and it basically corresponds to the opposite role model. Relationships that are totally feminine are led by women with imagination and at the same time a need for control. They know how to lead, make happy or punish their partner. The man is submissive and must pamper the woman in all respects. But the other way around, of course, she spoils him because it’s a love affair and not an sm role-playing game.

Even so, the woman has taken the lead in some or all of what professionals refer to as the 5 food groups. These are: life planning, finances, the household, leisure activities and sex life as a couple. 

Sex in a female led relationship

Of course, not every woman is suitable to be a “dominatrix” and has her boots licked or whip, and that’s why most women will not do that even in female led relationships. But they will determine whether sex or no sex, where, how, how often, and for how long, and that too is ultimately something that many women do, even if they do not yet know the term for it.

Is the female led relationship a top or a flop?

There is no general answer to that because it depends on both partners how they perceive such a relationship. One thing is certain: this relationship model is by no means abnormal.

It even works very well if the man is not a leader or only wants to take on leadership in his job but not in his private life. On the other hand, there are also many women who “lean on the strong shoulder of a man” and want to leave all decisions to him. For them, the flr would not be a successful model.

Actually, the main thing is to openly discuss the important issues in a partnership, to recognize and meet the motives and wishes of the partner without constantly suppressing one’s own needs.

As far as the explanation of the term “female led relationships” is in today’s technical understanding.

Occurrence of women – female led relationship

Your relationship doesn’t come from one day to the next – it’s like a plant that needs to grow. As the relationship becomes stronger with your partner, communication is coordinated in the areas of life and thus more rules arise.

Here the relationship arises in different ways in your life. As an example, we cite the cool, calculated side, or the warm-hearted yet assertive side of femininity, with which you like to take your partner by the hand and lead them through life.

Having your partner by your side is important because you want to go the same way with him without neglecting his interests and needs. In this way, the female-led relationship can be managed carefully, and mindfully without one of the partners feeling that they are subject to control or instructions have to be given.

Five areas of life for the female led relationship

Such relationships usually comprise five areas of life in which you will take over the decision-making power. If you are aware of this from the start, you can openly and honestly address and discuss all wishes and needs in conversations. Thus it is possible to reach the stage that fills your life. The areas of life in which female dominance implements the power of decision include:

  • Finances
  • Job
  • Household
  • Leisure
  • Love, erotic and sex

Note that the last three points are closely related and should be understood as a type of relationship. If you want to enter the next higher level, it is important that the expectations, tasks, and challenges in these areas are clearly defined as the level increases. Otherwise, endless discussions arise and the relationship breaks up before it can be deepened.

Expectations of a female led relationship

When it comes to expectations, it is important to note that the relationship is not an upbringing. Rather, it is a form of dominance that your partner should not change against his will. This partnership is created consciously through female dominance. 

Consensual leadership dives into the various areas of life. You are the woman and the dominant one who gives a direction. There should be a clear structure to which you both orient yourselves. The basic traits of character, attitudes towards the partner, and persuasive habits should be mutually recognized, loved, and respected. This means that experiencing and living together with female dominance is not perceived as derogatory or offensive, but rather an intimate coexistence is created.

Life changes occur again and again, so relationships should be approached differently and more consciously. If the man partner also opts for this type of relationship, tensions and disputes will be gradually reduced.

You need a lot of time, persistence, understanding, and dedication to reach a new level. As a result, the awareness grows, which lets you take the scepter more and more in hand.

Submission for love

It is a different give and takes in which attitudes or old habits change. Remember: you need a lot of empathy, training, and guidance.

While your partner is submitting, their interest or belief in love and relationship must not be lost. The relationships have many noticeable advantages in this development and in reaching the next levels. It is important that this does not make your partner feel small or oppressed.

The wonderful thing is that everyone enjoys their interests in the five areas of life and benefits from them. Many other advantages are definitely worth living in, attractive and interesting if you take a closer look at each level.

Every form of a community of an existing relationship can be viewed from the point of view of the four levels, as soon as you deal intensively with this topic and become familiar with it.

In a female led relationship, the fourth level is usually about sexual guidance. These can be different directions, depending on sexual inclinations, needs, desires, and preferences. Openness, role play, dealing with sexuality, and trust are important parts of the fourth level.

Final thought

A female-led relationship is an important concept you can try in your scenario. As long as the issues have been brought forward that act as a guiding rule, a female-led relationship is a good option to take your relationship to the next level.