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How a Guy Feels About You By The Way He Hugs You – Hugs Guide


Hugs are a great way to define how you feel about someone. You can express your emotions as well as experience just through a hug. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how you feel through words. Through hugs, you can let your partner know how you feel. As a girl, you might be wondering whether a guy likes or dislikes you. Worry no more. Below I will define for you the different types of hugs and what they mean. Let’s dive in!

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Bridge hugs

In the event a guy hugs you and there seems to be some distance between you and him, and this gesture seems to be unnatural and awkward, it means that he is wary and shy of you. There are people who find it hard to express the sympathy they have towards you because they are modest. The distance between you and him is a bit wide, maybe you need to give it time until you are used to each other.

Shoulder hugs

In this type of hug, a guy envelops you under his wing. This gesture shows he wants to protect you. This kind of hug may not mean he has a romantic relationship with you. If you are friends, it shows some great connection between the two of you. The guy is willing to shield and protect you. This is a great way to show that you are willing to be there in both bad and good times. Many guys may give you this hug often to show you that he is ready to be there even romantically.

Back hugs

At times you will find a guy hugging you from behind for example, when cooking or when you are going about your duties while standing. He presses over you. At that moment you can go crazy emotionally. This shows that the guy trusts you and that you are an important part of his life. if it happens that you have just met a guy for the first time and he gives you this type of a hug, then this is inappropriate and cheeky of him.

Waist hugs

When a guy gives you this kind of a hug, he is going crazy about you. You will feel like an electric charge has been transmitted in your body. This shows that you are at a point in your relationship when love is at its peak. A strong feeling for each other is slowly coming to you and might find yourself having romantic moves with your partner.

Hugs with eye contact

This is a little advanced compared to the other types of hugs. Here a guy hugs and looks you straight in the eye. This shows that a guy has strong feelings for you and wants to take the relationship to the next level. These hugs can tell a lot. This is passionate love and shows that a guy is ready for a serious relationship with you.

Back pats hugs

This kind of hug is a way of showing the friendship the both of you share. This kind of hug portrays that this person will be there available at all times to listen and reason with you. A person/guy giving you this kind of hug shows that when you go through problems, you will find a person to confide in.

Hands down hugs

The moment you embrace a guy, he can hold you with his hands down. Depending on the relationship you have with the person hugging you, a different hug done by a certain person may mean different to another. For instance, if you are dating, and your guy comes and hugs you, then this shows the passion and the love the both of you share. On the other hand, if a guy you have known for a short time comes and hugs you in this manner, it means that he just wants to have fun. If you don’t have intentions to be too free with such a person, avoid him hugging you to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Hugs with a pull

Have been in a situation where a guy hugs you by pressing you against him and suddenly pulls you up? This is fun and cute. It doesn’t matter whether he is your partner or just a friend or relative. This kind of hug simply means that this guy loves and values your company. He feels happy and derives fun from being with you.

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Hugs can mean a whole lot of things depending on the kind of hug you are receiving. Sometimes we express ourselves better with actions than words. The next time a guy hugs you, pay attention to it and understand his intentions. He could be expressing something to you that he has always longed to let you know. Generally, hugs are known to rise the hormone oxytocin that makes us happy. Having said this, hug more!