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Five questions to ask yourself before getting back with your ex.


You had so much love for one other, and suddenly it was over. However, he lets you leave, and you can reunite… Please take your time.

You can’t put a broken cup back together, and you can’t go into the same river twice… These are wise sayings, but not axioms. You can return to the previous and become the world’s happiest pair if you want to.

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But first, ask yourself these five questions: they’ll guide you through a critical decision.

1. Has my life improved since we broke up?

My acquaintance lived with her dictator husband, who tormented her to the point where she stopped going to stretch and meeting her buddies on Saturdays. He steamed with pals in the bath all the time (and not just with them, as it came out afterwards! ), but he was in charge of her every move. The girl became an excellent stretching coach and met a like-minded guy after she acquired the guts to leave him and relocate to another city. She had no intention of going back to the tyrant.

It’s crucial to assess your self-esteem at this point. If it grew worse after you broke up, he may have been the one who encouraged you and gave you the strength to keep going to attain goals that you could be proud of. On the other hand, you start treating yourself with more respect; he is not worth rekindling a relationship with.

2. Did we genuinely believe in each other?

In a relationship, you either have or don’t have trust. This isn’t a case of bad habits that can be broken or communication problems that can be solved. You can still restore everything if you trusted each other and broke up due to someone’s betrayal. It’s best not to break your heart again if he was a true womaniser who skillfully lied to hide his exploits. The leopard alters his appearance.

3. Was the reason for our breakup honestly a significant deal?

When people are asked why they divorced their husband or wife, they usually respond evasively: “We didn’t get along.” Few people know the husband was an alcoholic, the woman was a nymphomaniac, and one of the partners wished for children while the other couldn’t stand them. Analyse the issue that led to your breakup and try to be as objective as possible. You can get aid from a psychologist, but not from your girlfriends: they will remember how you sobbed into their vests.

4. Is it possible that I merely want to go back because I’m lonely?

Loneliness is, without a doubt, a great weight. You’re so used to having him around that you can’t fall asleep without him, and everything falls apart. This is not at all what you envisaged when you drew your life after a breakup: running in the mornings, going to all your favourite workouts at the gym, painting or knitting, visiting… Instead, you squander your time watching TV shows and raiding the fridge. However, you don’t have to go into a relationship just to be in a relationship. Recognise your sentiments; perhaps loneliness opens many doors for you, beyond which you will find fantastic opportunities?

5. How do your parents and friends feel about it?

Your loved ones can examine some aspects of your relationship more objectively. They’ll reminisce about your relationship with your ex and provide their thoughts. Of course, the choice is yours, but if your ex has cheated on you, misled you, or even used physical violence against you, it’s best to get rid of him once and for all.

It is your life, so you have to think and make a good decision. Let us know how this information benefits you and your beloved ones or friends.