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How To Make A Man Unforgetable Pleasure


In a marriage, every man and woman would be happy when everyone is happy. They will try to invest in everything to create happiness and pleasure. A man will try to make sure there is peace in the family and love her wife. Relaxation may be provided by allowing a woman to do what she thinks is right and a man to be there to give his views. Also, men will try to support a woman in moral support when she is heartbroken through financial support to cater to her needs and ensure food is always on the table.

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On the other hand, women play a significant role in ensuring a man gets unforgettable pleasure. This is through her engagement with a man, mainly when he is from work. Doing this will make man fully love her, and he will love to be with her because he knows he will be getting happiness and pleasure. Today, we will talk about 8 ways on how to give a man unforgettable pleasure. Men appear to be insensitive and rude, but everyone has their sensitive and weaknesses points.

8 ways to give a man unforgettable pleasure

1.Caress his hair

One of the ways a woman will do to give a man unforgettable pleasure is by caressing his hair. Your gentle hand is supposed to be in his hair, giving him power in the bed. Carefully caress his hair and then go to the hole found at the back of his head. This is the center point where a man will fully submit to you, and also, he will not be able to control his body but only you. Note that there are other sensitive points at the back of his head that when a woman concentrates on them, he will not hesitate to be controlled in bed.

hands in his hair

Also, when men are touched on those points, they become more flexible. Caressing the hair will have a transformative effect on a man because he will feel very good and bring awareness to the whole body that you love him. The sensitive points, together with the hole at the back of the head, have more nerve endings, which will trigger the body at a higher level.

2.Careless his lobes

The lobes of a man become the very sensitive points. The frontal lobe can be crucial for controlling voluntary activity or moving and cognitive functions. In the same case, the parietal lobe helps process information about taste, touch, movement, and temperature. Also, it can be the occipital lobe that is responsible for vision. These lobes become a good chance for a woman because when she touches his lobes, they will allow a man to respond to the touch of the soft hands.

Also, these lobes will affect vision, where they will allow a man to understand the language that comes from your eyes. To make this much more effective, you can gently caress the lobes using your tongue. Typically, the most effective part is the tip of a tongue because it makes a man more sensitive. You will need to hold the lobes gently in the mouth and bite lightly. But make sure you don’t make a big bite because that can frustrate a man, and instead of giving him unforgettable pleasure, it can become something else.

3.Play with your tongue and fingers with his nipples

Playing with your tongue and fingers with his nipples becomes one of 8 ways on how to give a man unforgettable pleasure. Many men enjoy caressing the breast as it is so to women. Your fingers should hold his fingers gently and softly and ensure you concentrate on the nipples.

playing with tong

Also, your tongue should work on the same area to ensure unforgettable pressure. Make sure when you are caressing, you are doing it gently and that there is pressure to a man at the end of it. After going through that, you can repeat the process if you discover he is not completely satisfied.

4.Take some pieces of ice and ask him to lie on the back

To ensure a man has excellent experience and pressure, you will be required to take some pieces of ice and ask him to lie with the back and then sit by yourself. After using some pieces of ice, you can walk on his back.

In doing this, you will be required to move from the bottom to the top, and you should do it gently. You will also be required to stick to the spine line strictly. This is because the spine line is more sensitive when it is touched. When combined, you will discover that your gentle hands and a piece of ice will have great pressure on men.

5.Use your tongue

lick his stomach

Your tongue becomes a powerful weapon while in bed to give a man unforgettable pleasure. Run your tongue on his stomach. And this should be done from the navel to the bottom. Also, you can gently caress this path with your fingers and palm. This will enhance the male arousal, and you will discover the man will get more pleasure.

6.Slap on the buttocks

Slapping on the buttocks will also play a significant role in giving a man unforgettable pleasure. But before you make a slap, you must gently massage the buttocks and then switch to the more energetic massage gradually. You can then stop at the light flip flops.

7.Play with the bell

The bells of men in the skillful hands of women will ensure an incredible pleasure experience for a man. When doing this, you are not supposed to make sudden movements. Otherwise, the protective reflex can work, and the entire atmosphere of the intimate arousal will vanish. Your tongue and lips can caress the testicles gently and play with them using your palm. This will ensure there is an unforgettable pleasure for a man.

8.Massage the small ligament of the foreskin

The small ligament of the foreskin from the tip becomes the most sensitive point in the body of a man. You need to use your fingers to massage that part gently. A man will appreciate it, and he will get unforgettable pleasure.

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Woman has a crucial role to give a man unforgettable pleasure. This can be seen on how she handles him in the house. There are various ways and this include care his hair, caress his lobes, play with your tongue and fingers with his nipples, and take some pieces of ice and ask him to lie on the back. Also, use your tongue, slap on the buttocks, play with the bells, and massage the small ligament of the foreskin. You can use these ways and your man will always be having unforgettable pleasure.