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How to Make an Online Long Distance Relationship Work


7 Tips to Be Together.

A long-distance relationship is difficult, but not uncommon. About one in six people have had the experience of a long-distance relationship. Does the happiness of a love story depend on the distance? How to make a long-distance relationship work? Whether it’s a long-distance relationship or a love affair in the same town.

What are long-distance relationships?

Long-distance relationships are a type of love connection that is characterized by the fact that there is a geographical separation between its members and communication is limited. In this type of relationship, the members may not physically see each other as much as they would like, but they have common expectations and the intention of maintaining a close connection. The reasons for a partnership with separate places of residence are extremely varied: long-distance relationships are due to a career, stays abroad, or the desire to stay in the city one loves.

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 If you follow these keys and manage not to lose patience and, above all, avoid temptations or try to convince yourself that these types of relationships don’t work, your courtship will be a complete success… who knows if it won’t end in marriage and children when you get married! live under the same roof! And it is that, as we told you in the article on long-distance relationships, this type of courtship works more easily every day thanks, among other things, to new technologies that allow us to be in permanent communication.

7 tips for having and maintaining a long-distance relationship

Some people believe that maintaining a long-distance relationship is not possible and even see it as a hopeless case. It is possible to maintain a long-distance relationship and it can be successful if the terms that both establish for it to work are respected. Communication, transparency, and openness are basic. Although a long-distance relationship is not ideal, if it is temporary and there is a clear end goal in sight, it can be a good solution.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not easy, and perhaps you have come to think that your relationship has no future or that it will only leave you with a broken heart. Calm down, do not start to make your head a sea of ​​erroneous thoughts, because if your partner shows you, love, he will be with you and your relationship will work. Check out these tips that will help you make your long-distance love last and work.

1. Make Sure He’s Worth It

Any couple in a long-distance relationship knows that it can only be temporary. It is indeed complicated to create a family life by staying away from each other. Try to answer these questions together to see more clearly: “How much longer are we going to live apart? “How do we imagine our common future?” “.

Plan a schedule. This will allow you to have a common goal, to motivate you, and to know that your life together is fixed for a specific date. You must be on the same wavelength from this point of view. Because even if you don’t live together yet, you both need to be motivated to get there soon!

2. Accept the changes and lay new foundations

Relationships are shaped by everyday life. Try to create a common daily life despite the distance. Fixed telephone schedules can be useful in this case. However, it is important to treat common rituals in a constraining but flexible way. Neither partner should feel left out if something happens to the other and they can no longer call.

After a long period of long-distance love, couples are overjoyed when they finally find a way to live together. But however great the anticipation, sometimes the sober awakening is considerable. The moment of the return of the partner is important. It requires a new openness and new habituation. The partner may have changed, which can arouse suspicion. It is important not to doubt love even in those moments but to give the relationship a chance through patience and communication.

3. Think Of Creative Ways To Stay In Touch

Even if the communication should not be too excessive, it is, however, necessary to be creative in your messages and your calls. Wish him a good day or a good night in an original way. Send him unusual little phrases to start a conversation.

4. Enjoy Your Life Outside Of The Relationship

Even if you can’t get to your loved one’s house, you can fit into their daily life by sending them little surprises. Send a gift to your boyfriend once in a while. It could be a playlist of your favorite songs, a picture of the two of you, or tickets to the next cinema. In this way, you participate in the daily life of the other and you let him know that you are thinking of him. Try it!

5. Value the positive side.

One of the greatest advantages of long-distance relationships is that they allow personal development and independence. If you decided to separate temporarily to follow the dreams and projects that each of you had, do not lose sight of the long-term goals that you agreed on.

Fortunately, technological advances allow us to do many more things remotely than a few years ago. You can watch a movie, make video calls, eat together, even go for a walk. There are many options to do, the important thing is to find which one you like the most and enjoy it. Having time to do things with your partner is important. Traditional relationships have their dates. In addition, having a “virtual date” also makes you generate new experiences and memories.

6. Plan visits

Although we know that in these times of pandemic it is difficult to organize a trip, it is always advisable to make plans for the future. Say more or less when you would visit him and when he would come to visit you.

Goals should also be set. Long-distance relationships aren’t forever, so have a chat with your partner about what they want in the future so you’re both on the same page. You may even realize that they are even in different books. That is why communication about the future is important.

7. Work for the same goal

If there is something irrefutable, it is that a long-distance relationship can’t last forever. We’re talking about this being a momentary thing, which will eventually have to go back to normal and establish itself as a conventional relationship, together. What do we want in the short and medium-term? How long are we going to be apart? Do we see our relationship consolidated in the future? These are all essential questions for both of you.

Establish a plan together, set an objective and the estimated time that you will be separated, and based on this, the main objective. For this, you must be in tune and mutual agreement. In this way, despite not being in the same place or in the same time zone, you will still be motivated to continue working together, in the same direction and towards the same future side by side, and hence make your long-distance relationship work.