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Marriage Without Sex



At first, Chris and Molly were intimate, and they had two children in eight years. Her wife Molly, now 36 years old, can vaguely remember sex. Molly said that she looked like a nuisance, and the last time they had sex was three years ago.

It sounded sad, but they were still living happily together. Molly said that Chris was her best friend, and she thought that Chris was a good father. When Molly tore her husband’s clothes around eight years ago, she said that crouching was the ultimate intimacy she needed that day.

Molly’s libido was above average, and the desire for sex had always been the driving power in her relationship. She felt the same desire for Chris, and in him, she found her life partner and her soul mate. It lit sparks to go in the bedroom, living room, beach, and bathroom. They could enjoy sex, and she found everything concerning Chris attractive.

After around one year in marriage, Molly was pregnant with their eldest son, who later grew very fast and is now seven years old. Molly felt beautiful with that belly, and Chris saw the same. Their enjoyment in bed continued unabated, maybe even more than the days before. During delivery, everything went on well, and except for the typical sleepless nights and colic, their son was an exemplary baby.

After that, there was a problem, as Molly didn’t have any sexual desires, which they thought it as a result of breastfeeding.  However, after breastfeeding, the desire did not return, and although they had sex, it was fewer times than expected.

Gradually, Molly started to be more and more active in avoiding sex. She used to go to bed first, measure her PMS accurately, and then simulate her most extended cycle. When Molly thought that having a fantastic night together could lead to something more, she was afraid of the intimacy that would soon make her do sex. She was not excited at all and was happy when the desire for sex was over.

Considering that other couples enjoy sex thrice a week, Chris and Molly thought it wise to visit a sex therapy, as she wanted the sex desire again. On hearing this idea, Chris jumped in the air and could not have gotten a better deal. Of course, their sex life flourished for some time after the therapy. They even sent each other pleasurable messages.

Surprisingly, at the end of the two-week, Chris asked whether they would watch a movie while in bed, as they couldn’t have sex. It was clear what seemed to work in their couple of week’s experience ended up pressuring them so much that they preferred giving up on sex altogether.

It’s like Molly had ever been horny, though lust got to her sometimes, but never when Chris was around. It is clear the feeling was not spiritual but physical, and she often fixed the lust with a vibrator, which Chris complained had been collecting dust for years.  To Molly, the vibrator worked well than actual sex, which was too complicated for her. As much as Molly loved her husband, he became less or more platonic, and she thought that was fine enough.

Molly was not interested in other men either, and maybe she was in some hormonal sleep phase, and she wondered whether nature meant no further reproduction for them. After all, she was busy with her two healthy children.

Biologically speaking, her work was done, although that didn’t tell it all why an indefinite number of women of the same age, with two or three children, still had intimacy. She had no more interest in seeing a sex therapist because she didn’t want that situation changed.

Sincerely speaking, Molly was sometimes afraid that Chris would look the other way. Chris was a handsome man, and Molly could see how women looked at him, which made her proud and insecure at the same time. She kept wondering which man could agree to no longer have sex, keeping it in mind that he was happily married.

Chris gave her the surety that he had never cheated on her, he refused to have ever done it, and her wife believed it. Molly would always put her head on Chris’s lap when watching a movie, but she would typically leave earlier and not wait for him in her panties. Instead, she put on her pajamas and went to sleep.

Molly usually listened to Chris’s stories with genuine interest, cooked for him, and shared the same sense of humor. Usually, Chris would take the kids to playfields so that her wife could keep Sundays to herself, and they were never bored. Typically, these were stories she would tell her friends with colors and scents, they didn’t know about their sexless existence, and she was kind of embarrassed about it.

She thought that not having sex with a partner is similar to having a bad relationship, but that was not the case. They had intimacy, but they didn’t have sex. When Molly thought of how many friends still had sex with their husbands thrice a week but couldn’t have a reasonable conversation with them, Molly felt she wouldn’t want to be among them.

In the beginning, Molly once asked Chris whether he was missing having sex, and Chris pulled her towards him, kissed her forehead, and said that she was the sexiest bitch he has ever seen. Surprisingly, the fun ended with that saying. After a few strokes, Chris would occasionally shake himself in the shower, obviously swinging the pendulum.

Looking forward, Molly could think of Chris and herself sitting together with a group of grandchildren in the garden. The thought that their way might be without sex made Molly feel a little sad, especially when she knew deep down that Chris was happy when they were in love.

Besides, Molly had not forgotten how feminine it felt when her libido was unstoppable. Molly is 36 years old but now feels like a 56 older woman who is past menopause.