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things never do it before bed

4 Things Never do It Before Bed

When men and women live together, sometimes there are misunderstandings because they come from different backgrounds. Some become annoyed if there are not interested...
How to give a man unforgettable pleasure

How To Make A Man Unforgetable Pleasure

In a marriage, every man and woman would be happy when everyone is happy. They will try to invest in everything to create happiness...
10 myths from romantic movies that can ruin your relationship

10 Myths From Romantic Movies That Can Ruin Your Relationship With a Guy

Most often than not, one feels like watching a romantic movie. As the movie comes to an end, you need to know that it...
how a guy feels about you by the way he hugs you

How a Guy Feels About You By The Way He Hugs You – Hugs...

Hugs are a great way to define how you feel about someone. You can express your emotions as well as experience just through a...
how not to be disappointed during the first sex

What You Need To Know So That You Not Be Disappointed During The First...

There is a lot that have been said about the first sex. Believing them or not, it’s always good for one to know the...
Questions That Are Indecent To Ask A Guy On A First Date

12 Questions That Are Indecent To Ask A Guy On A First Date

The first date can be full of confusion or mixed feeling because you don’t know what to expect. You want to look your best...

Why won’t my husband fight for our marriage

There are no perfect marriages. They face a lot of challenges that need both partners to work hand in hand to make it survive....
Is Living Together Before Marriage Good or Bad

Is Living Together Before Marriage Good or Bad?

Are you single or friends with someone who might become your life partner? Then it's important to consider the question of whether to marry...
When To Let Go Of A Long Distance Relationship

When To Let Go Of A Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship is anything but easy. Even if you are close in heart, the physical distance is simply a huge problem in the...
sexual frustration

What To Do When Sexually Frustrated In Marriage

Staying with a person who does not satisfy us sexually can be a source of frustration. Dissatisfaction can be linked to the frequency of...