Saturday, October 1, 2022
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rekindle relationship

16 Signs Your Ex Wants to Rekindle a Relationship

One of the most challenging and unpleasant topics to discuss is whether or not to give a relationship a second opportunity. Many happy and...

Why don’t guys like me

Many girls and women wonder why boys don't like them, why, and how they might remedy the problem. Of course, this is an issue,...
woman give up in relationship

When A Woman Gives Up On A Relationship

To end the relationship and stop investing in it could be a difficult decision to make, and as per National Center of Health statistics,...
Signs He Wants a Serious Relationship with You.

5 Undeniable Signs He Wants a Serious Relationship with You.

Imagine the following scenario. You are dating a boy; he likes you, he likes you. From the beginning, he told you that he was...
no longer like sex

7 Tips Will Help You If You Have No Sex Drive

It happens very often that in a couple, the cold falls and two boyfriends or companions are unable to have the intimacy they once...

How to Make an Online Long Distance Relationship Work

7 Tips to Be Together. A long-distance relationship is difficult, but not uncommon. About one in six people have had the experience of a long-distance...
behaviors that keep you single

8 Behaviors That Keep You Single – Should Know

Being single is difficult to manage status quo: moments of indescribable joy of being one alternate with moments of deep despair because you don't want to...
why he stop texting you

5 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Text Anymore

You met a boy who caught your eye. He asks you out. You have been enjoying the dates, and then ... just like that,...
distant after sex

 Man Gets Distant After Sex. What is The Mistake?

Why did he walk away after you slept together? You probably liked that special boy very much and waited for several dates before going to...

What Women Find Attractive in Men

What does a man have to have for women to find him attractive? There are a few things that women find appealing in the...