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Should you listen to your friend’s relationship advice?


Women talk about everything to their friends. They have no limit on any topic, and there aren’t enough hours per day to talk about things in their everyday lives. It is not a wonder that we look for advice from our best friends about relationships and dating.

When we have a date, we cannot wait to arrive at our homes to tell our closest friends all the date details. We use many hours talking about a guy we exchanged contact with at a grocery shop, and once he calls, we talk about every conversation we exchanged on the phone. When our relationship is in order, we discuss how wonderful we are. Also, when things go erroneous, we talk about how to troll he is and how much we disgust him.

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Men feel valued by the quality of their work, but women characterize themselves by the affairs they mainly love. We care about our interests and careers, but the most crucial thing in our lives is relationships, especially with friends. So, should you listen to your friends’ relationship advice?

It can do more damage than good

When dealing with relationships and dating, friends can regularly do more damage than good when seeking their advice. It is good to have the sounding panel so you can let your girls run when the state takes place. It is terrible to reach out to the girlfriends in your life and discuss what is happening in your relationship.

For many people, the simple action of speaking loud assists us in gathering ideas and coming up with solutions. A support system is fundamental to having a rewarding and successful life and friends who care and love you. Engage your friends if necessary and ask them for advice if you feel unable to be objective or lost in a particular situation.

However, I want to caution you not to make a horrible mistake many people make when entering a relationship. It’s not a good idea to take advice from friends as gospel and let your female friends dictate how you are supposed to live. First, I will assume that no friend is a certified, licensed counselor or relationship professional. Any advice or information from your girlfriends is mere speculation made with the finest intentions but the plausible guess.

Because most of us know nothing about dating at first, we go blind and lead the blind, which signifies we hit our faces against the wall and fall on the street. Pay attention to the advice of your friends with an open mind. However, remember that your friends don’t have a better relationship than you.

When you don’t follow their instructions

This can lead to a breakup when you seek your friends’ relationship advice and not accept their suggestions. If you meet with your friends and grumble about your husband and then make it up with him, your friends are still resentful. “You offend my friend, and currently I hate you” becomes the approach of the social circle. When this occurs, he will stop spending much time with his friends because he does not need to feel uncomfortable or pressed to answer the question, “Why do you spend time with them?” Likewise, your boyfriend will begin complaining about your friend’s anger and get angry if you want to go out with them or talk on a phone.

Even though it’s often difficult to decide the best action in a relationship, your perception will by no means lie to you. If you want good advice in your current state, you are the most excellent person for the situation. Go to a quiet place. Tranquil your mind, listen to the inner voice and take a deep breath. She will say what needs to be done since it is the utmost source of knowledge in your life and the one who can choose what is most excellent for you.

Bad advice from the loved ones

Colleagues, parents, friends, and people who participate in our lives in one way or another can take care of their failures and achievements with the same genuine joy. But simultaneously, their advice can do serious harm.

Parents’ advice

Mothers and fathers sincerely trust that their kids are the best. From this, they draw false conclusions about troubles at work with a daughter or son, failure in personal relationships, and other circumstances.

Parents are rarely in a position to criticize their children and might do a lot of harm with their counsel. In addition, they are always very picky about your colleagues, friends, life partners, and fans and think that these people comprise a true treasure in you. Nevertheless, parents have great sense, and if they rightly claim that your loved one is not a person you require, you should not break down the relationship with him immediately, but it is worth looking at him closely.

Advice from close friends

Advice from friends is more dangerous when it’s about the relationship with the man of your dream. On the other hand, friends might think you can effortlessly find a hundred more men and don’t understand why this guy so grips you.

Likewise, there is always jealousy between close friends who do not allow rational thinking. And even the best friend can unknowingly contribute to the breakup of your relationship. Typically, they need you to be happy; however, they don’t want to admit that they require to share with another person.

Therefore, listen to their advice, but let you make all decisions. Nevertheless, friends are always willing to tell you the reality of your face. If you find that your entire friends are collectively against your choice, try to be more critical of that person’s qualities.


In part of life, there is a need for advice to make you keep moving. When your relationship is sinking, and you are wondering how to handle your partner, the friends’ relationship advice is needed. But the question can be, should you listen to your friend’s relationship advice? You must scrutinize the advice and choose the one that can help your relationship.