best age to get married

The age that you get married can have an impact on your prosperity and future. Divorces are common these days, and marriages are declining each day. According to Eurostat (European Statistics Centre), there have been very few marriages in the last 50 years, as the number of marriages has decreased up to 56 percent. But, what is the best age to get married?

These numbers aroused the concern of many sociologists and psychologists. Research shows the suitable age for marriage is between 28 to 32 years, and in the following article, we echo this information.

The commodification of relationships and the modern society

The relationship between people and the bonds that form between them developed over the years, particularly in human relationships. Relationships grow, feelings of love increase, and intimacy, fidelity, and rapport. But this is not the case all the time.

Many marriages or relationships are left in between, and this is even truer today. In a society like this one, which struggles with selfishness, individuality and individualism prevail in marital crises. Many couples are breaking up as society evolves toward love relationship commodification. The bonds are becoming increasingly shallower.

Two divorces for each marriage

What causes crises in marriages is varied. Many couples end up breaking up as one party feels not loved, cases of unfaithfulness, one of them have expectations that are not concerning the marriage or are simply boring. Whatever the reason, there is reality, and the information doesn’t lie.

According to an article in the ABC newspaper: “There are two divorces in every marriage.” That is a reality that has captured many peoples’ attention, indicating the facts in the society.

Crisis and divorce

Having Crises is not bad. Sometimes conflict in a relationship can strengthen a couple’s bond and make them feel united. These conflicts can serve as a lesson if appropriately handled. The idea that relationships don’t go through difficult times isn’t accurate.

There are many origins for this situation, but the word divorce was not common just a few decades ago, the many couples’ alternative in marital crisis is to cease living with their partner and end the relationship. But, is there an average age of divorce? If you want to better understand this phenomenon, you can read the article: “Marital crisis: 5 keys to understanding.”

What is the best age to get married?

What is the correct answer to this question? The research team appears to have found a link between age and the number of divorces. This study shows that 28-32 is the best age to get married. The survey by Nick Wolfinger, a sociologist at Utah University (USA), was published in the Institute of Family.

According to this study, the couples who get into marriage in other age groups divorce more than those who marry in this age group. But, what age group has the highest divorce rate? For the study, the study author carried out an analysis using US statistics.

After grouping the data into two phases, 2011- 2013 and 2006-2010, and comparing the first with the last, the outcomes indicate fewer divorces between 28 and 32. Below, this age, the divorce rate is higher. Still, the number of divorces increased each year as the previous digit changed. It means that the probability of divorce at age 42 is higher than at age 35.

Conclusion of the study

What are the causes of this information confirmed? The study author argues that with a high degree of probability, age 28 – 32 is the right age as these people have already attained a certain level of maturity at that age”. But, is it harder to get married after 30?

Many people at this stage of life are stable financially and don’t have the similar experimenting desire as younger people. They already have a more or less vivid idea of ​​what they want out of life. Furthermore, unlike the elderly, they can always change their behaviors and get used to the everyday lifestyle and goals that are living together requires.

Mature love is one of the keys

When should you get married? Maturity is the main factor in ensuring that the preferable age to get into marriage is between 28 and 32 years old. However, this seems to be a late marriage age for female. You can get into a relationship more than once in a lifetime. The first crush can make you come up with stupid decisions, and the madness that arises from the intensity of that love can overwhelm you.

Over the years, there has been a change in which people see relationships, and understanding that the relationship is an ongoing negotiation where the two members have their needs is essential. These kinds of talks are ultimately much more satisfying. In many cases, they can lead to a lifelong marriage because of a love of the past that has made you think things differently, more maturely, and realistically.

It is easy to forget first loves, but it doesn’t mean that the initial feelings of attraction and passion are sufficient to maintain the fire of love burning forever. You will also learn how to love and maintain a relationship. You may need to know how to make a relationship work and how to make it work for you. In case you want to learn more concerning this kind of love, read our article, “mature Love: Why is the second love better than the first?”


When it comes to marriage, maturity is the key. Although it’s difficult to say at what is the best age to get married, studies show that a 28-32 years old is mature enough to get into marriage. However, the most important aspect is a mature and realistic love.

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