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The Undeniable Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Girlfriend



If you are still struggling to get a girlfriend, now is the time to face the facts. There are probably several reasons why you are having a hard time finding a soul mate. The more you understand why you don’t have a girlfriend, the more effortless it will be to find one. While these reasons can be challenging to deal with, they are essential if you plan to go anywhere in your love life. Unfortunately, many guys still live in denial, which has kept them single for a long time. The guide below explains the undeniable reasons why you can’t find a girlfriend.

You Lack Social Skills

If you want to find a girlfriend, you need to improve your way of relating to others. If your social skills require fine-tuning or even a lot of work, it’s necessary to participate in social situations regularly. You need to make sure you go to restaurants, clubs and other places to chat with the girls every weekend. It’s okay if you don’t find your soul mate right away because the goal is to hone your social skills. The sharper these skills are, the easier it will be to find a girl soon.

You are Broke

Another common reason that may contribute to your failure of getting a girlfriend is the lack of money. Money is not everything for girls, but it’s essential. You won’t find anyone to be thrilled with you until you give out considerable money regularly.

Whether you are going back to school for a degree, girls will still want to know the amount of money you are making. Showing your ability to make significant amounts of money regularly is a crucial factor when finding a girl. Girls want financial security, and they don’t get it from a man who survives the dead-end job.

You are Fat

Look yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself about your body’s current state. Once the girl kicks you out, it’s time to start working on yourself to get back in shape. Most women don’t want an obese man.

It’s great when you have a few extra pounds, but other than that, it’s hard to find the kind of girl you want. It’s important to eat healthier foods and exercise to be as attractive as possible. If you are accumulating fat, you should do intense workouts to burn the fats and build muscles.

Girls Think You are Ugly

If you’re not lucky enough to look your best, there are still several things you can do to improve your appearance. Also, you may need to let your hair grow out of your face and maybe groom better. Wearing the right clothes can help enhance your appearance, but you need to make an effort, as such clothes might be pricy. Also, you should consider other natural ways that can help improve your overall appearance.

You are Too Picky

You may need to lower your standards a little while trying to find a girl. If you’re too picky about the girl you are dating, you may never find one that meets your standards.  As you look for someone who suits you, you should keep your expectations realistic. We all have to do this to some degree, so there’s no shame in that.

You Give up too Easily

Many girls like to joke and play a lot, so you will need to be a little patient with her. Once you find the girl you want, pursue her relentlessly until you are together. However, giving the first sign of rejection is seldom a good thing. Keep in mind that you will never know if you don’t stay long enough whether she loves you.

Your Hygiene is Horrible

If your hygiene is not very good, you will likely have difficulty finding a girlfriend. So make sure you are hygienic and impressive to potential friends. It, therefore, means regular showers, hairstyles and other basics. It’s also helpful to keep your skin hydrated every day because girls love men with soft skin.

You’re too much of a Nice Guy

The sad truth is, nice guys are last, especially when it comes to finding girlfriends. It doesn’t mean you should be petty, but you need to take matters into your own hands and be confident. Typically, avoid entertaining people running into you. Girls love a man who is dominant and who defends himself when the situation calls for it.

You are too predictable

Women like men who aren’t very predictable because they’re just boring. If you tend to eat the same food every day and your clothing style is the same for the last five years, now is the time to make a change. It is vital to try to be more adventurous and spontaneous. Girls don’t want a boring guy who never changes. To avoid this, you may need to try new things regularly.

You are Too Needy

Finding a girl is hard for guys who seem needy and desperate. You must be relaxed and informal when dealing with girls. Typically, this can be tricky at first as it requires some moderation. You always have to remember that you don’t have to feel like you’re in a relationship as it might end up breaking your heart.

In a nutshell, you should not show the attitude of needing a girl but wanting one. When you make this shift in perspective, it will be much easier to get the girl of your dreams. Men usually get the girlfriends they want when they stop pursuing them or trying so hard.

In conclusion, when trying to figure out why you can’t have a girlfriend, you need to consider the above facts seriously. However, open your mind and accept that there will be periods when you will make a series of mistakes, and you should not give up. If you find an attribute that describes you from the above guide, you need to take time to resolve it. Once it’s over and you are confident about yourself again, finding and keeping a girlfriend will be much easier

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