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This Is What Happens To You When You Haven’t Had Sex For a Long Time


There are phases when sex life is put on hold. Whether it’s because of a breakup or after the birth, or because you and your partner have agreed not to have sexop. There can be many reasons for voluntary and involuntary abstinence. But what does the lull in sex do to our body?

This Is How The Body Reacts To Not Having Sex

We can reveal one thing in advance: “lack of sex” is not good for us. These are the disadvantages that abstinence has for us and our bodies:

1. Stress Resistance Decreases

For every second person, sex is the ideal means of relieving stress. This can also be explained scientifically. Because sexual intercourse lowers stress levels and blood pressure levels. So if you don’t have sex, you don’t have such strong nerves when everyday life gets hot.

2. Immune System Becomes Weaker

Those who have sex are less prone to colds – researchers have also been able to prove this positive side effect. The saliva and mucous membranes contain antibodies that are our strongest weapon against viruses and bacteria. Conversely, of course, if you don’t have sex, you will inevitably do without these antibodies.

3. Life Expectancy Is Falling

This shocking result only applies to men, however. A British long-term study was able to show that not only a healthy diet and a good lifestyle increase life expectancy in men, but also sex at least twice a week.

4. Heart Attack Risk Increases

The American Heart Association (AHA) researched how sex affects cardiovascular health. The clear result: positive. In subjects who abstained, not only were the risk of a heart attack higher, but also their heart rate and blood pressure.

5. Self-esteem Is Getting Weaker

Yes, sex is not only good for “making love”, but also for giving us a little reassurance. In addition, Cornell University was able to show in a study that sexually active people are less prone to anxiety or depression and have a higher self-esteem. The explanation for this: During the act of love, endorphins and oxytocin are released. And they make you happy.

6. Libido Drops

Sex is like riding a bike, you never forget it? Hmm yes, BUT … the body gets used to the lull in sex. This means that the sex hormone is produced less and the desire decreases. You can read here that even your vagina is affected by the renunciation of love.

7. The Risk Of Obesity Increases

It doesn’t have to be, but it is possible: Those who refrain from sex may gain weight quickly. Because the body and also the brain are looking for substitute satisfaction. And sweets and fast food scream loudly “here”! Consumption of such unhealthy foods has similarly satisfying effects on the brain as sex, but is comparatively harmful in the long term.

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8. Memory Gets Worse

Now it’s getting medical: The authors of a study by the University of Maryland assume that regular sex can protect against dementia in the long term. Those who refrain from sexual intercourse also refrain from stimulating the neurogenesis process in the brain. This is the name given to the formation of nerve cells and cell growth. The region of the hippocampus in particular benefits from sex here.