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Ways To Tell if a Girl Is Bored of Texting You.


Texting becomes an excellent way of getting to know a guy you have met online or before the actual date, but also it can show where the guy is when you start dating. Getting a girl’s number is exciting, but it is not always easy. Getting it can be challenging, mainly if you don’t hang out or talk in person. When texting her, you can read more to know whether she loves you or is bored. Here are some ways to tell if she is bored of texting you.

She does not reply

If the girl is bored of texting, you can tell she does not reply to them. Could you keep track of how many times she does? Does she tend to forget to answer your messages frequently? When bored, she may not mind replying to your messages and making many excuses for not answering them. If you listen to the excuses, she creates and sees if they are real. Reasons such as I was in class or I was at work can be genuine, whereas I was busy seems vague.

You are doing most of the texting

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You need to count the messages you send and then compare how many she has sent to you. Are you two talking the same amount? Unbalanced conversations are the critical signs to tell the other person bored. If you see yours are more than her, then know she is bored in you.

Her text being vague

Vague answers indicate an apparent disinterest. Since the occasional vague text is not the end of it all, vague texts consistently display the red flag. If she does not take her time to write a thoughtful response, that will show she is bored.

Her message reflect yours

Bored people tend to repeat the statements rather than saying something on their own. Please read some of your current texts and see how she has responded to them. If you discover she has repeated what you have sent without typing the original reply, know she is bored.

If she asks the fundamental questions

Basic questions indicate a lack of interest. When you text a girl, please pay attention to what she replied. See whether she is asking specific questions or her answers are general. When she is tired of texting, she will not put much thought into the texts and reply to the fundamental questions. Typically, basic questions are like, what did you do, will show she is bored.

She changes the subject quickly

Changing the topic indicates she’s not paying attention to what you are saying. In an engaging discussion, your discussion will build a single issue. If you are texting about the weekend plans and she answers randomly or moves on another topic without an explanation, that shows she is bored. For instance, if you text her about your favorite TV show and message you randomly about the homework in Spanish, that shows she is bored.

She does not set aside time to chat

Any relationship or friendship involves spending time with other people. If she is genuinely interested in talking to you, she will find time to talk to you, even if her schedule is packed. If she does not want to speak to you at any time of the week when you text her, this indicates she is bored of your text. Some people may not write much in the week, but texting more messages on the weekend will cover up the whole week. If she never appears to text you that time, she is probably bored of your text.

She never asks you much

A good discussion when texting is upposed to have follow-up questions. These questions show that a girl is genuinely interested in your texts. If she never appears to care about your posts, the chances are that she is bored of texting you. For instance, if you talk about your plans for the weekend, if she is interested in your texts, you will expect her to ask questions such as “What are you looking forward to doing?

Is he only texting you when he’s bored or lonely?

If he is constantly texting you and wants to rngage you with interesting conversations, this is one way to show he is interested. But if he only texts you because he is bored or lonely, you will notice. So, here are some signs to look for.

He sends text only at night

If he texts you only at night, this is the highest indicator that he is texting you just because he is bored or lonely. If he realizes that he cannot sleep, he may think of probable solutions to this problem. He will decide to text you for fun and kills the insomnia feelings. When he does that, you will know that his priority is his self-centeredness.

He often disappears while in the center of a conversation.

If he often disappears when your conversation is in the middle, you will know something is wrong. He sees you like the one who entertains him right now and makes him feel less alone, and when he’s bored, he turns to someone to replace him. He will do that even if he the one who starts the conversation. Apologizing is like breathing with him, and he doesn’t care about your thoughts and feelings about this.

Sometimes he compliments you

If he decides to text you again after he has disappeared and start to complement you in a friendly manner to make you forget his absence, know that he is doing so because he is trying to hide selfish motives. He will try to make sure he doesn’t lose you to show he is always for you. You will notice that he is lonely or is bored. If he tries to make you feel special or appreciated, you will know he is texting you because he is bored or lonely.

He doesn’t make any effort during the conversations

You will know he is lonely bored if he is not putting in any effort during your discussions. He will try to answer your text with not more than two or three words. You will know he does not bother trying hard to make a conversation exciting or get your attention because he only cares about himself.

If he cares for you, he will show it by texting. His answers will be long and complete sentences, and he will ask all the questions regarding your conversation. But if the guy does not care about you and texts you just for selfish reasons, he will never take up a meaningful discussion with you. Instead, his message will be broken without emoji or other features, making it meaningless.