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What is Allowed in Bed And What is Not


If you haven’t known your partner that long, delicate questions often arise in bed. In our great sex etiquette, you will find out what is allowed and what is not possible during sex.

Think of another man?

Sure, of course! We’ve all had one or the other erotic fantasy. After all, not everyone has George Clooney or Robbie Williams at home! And the man who claims to have never been to Pamela Anderson or Heidi Klum with one thought or another is lying! Of course, you keep your dreams to yourself and make sure that you don’t slip out the wrong name.

Put a towel underneath?

That falls under the heading of “forced cleanliness”. Are you afraid of your bed linen and would like to put a towel under it before you get down to business? Ouch, the whole mood and a lot of other things can quickly collapse. Passionate sex leaves its mark, what’s so bad about it?

Shower before?

A sensitive topic, but should be addressed. If he comes home completely sweaty from training or work and is overwhelmed by the passion, it will certainly evaporate very quickly for you. Smelling in bed is not allowedTell him directly that he stinks, but if you are afraid, propose a shared bath or shower!

Unpack sex toys?

Can I surprise my loved one with my latest sex toy? Yes of course! First show him how you are handling your latest achievement and then get him involved. The important thing is that you both enjoy it and that he doesn’t feel pressured. If one feels uncomfortable, then one should rather do without it.

Laughing allowed?

Sex is not a chore, it’s fun! Of course, laughing is allowed as long as you have fun together. In this way, involuntarily “embarrassing” situations or noises can easily be relaxed. But: laughing ABOUT the other person or making fun of them is of course not allowed.

Lend a hand yourself?

Your lover came but you didn’t? Then it all depends. If he rolls over on his side with a short kiss goodnight and falls into a deep sleep a minute later snoring loudly, then you can of course lay hands on yourself in peace. Otherwise, as is so often the case, it is a question of tact. Make no charge out of it that you did not come. Better show him how you do it yourself. That will be a suggestion for him next time!

Dirty talk?

Do you love it when your lover breathes hot indecency in your ear? Or do you like to give pleasure sounds yourself? That is of course allowed! Just tell him what you want to hear.Or start with it! If you are still unsure what he thinks of it, then take a more moderate start. You will quickly notice whether that turns him on too.

Can I have a “headache”?

He’s in the mood, but not at all? Then of course you can say that quite openly and honestly. Important: Make it clear to him that it is not up to him, but simply explain why you just want to cuddle and fall asleep now. The lapidary headache excuse doesn’t workIt is quite normal not to be on sexual standby all the time, you don’t need a forced excuse!

Tell him what he’s doing wrong all the time?

He tries every time to please you, constantly asking if you like it too and doing everything wrong that he can do wrong? In the long run, this is unsatisfactory for both of them. For you anyway and for him too, because at some point he will notice that you are not indulging in the highest ecstasy. So: address it carefully. But not with the mallet method, show him what you like! He’ll be grateful for that!

Address the topic of “condom”?

There is only one answer to this: a clear “yes”!That should go without saying, but many still don’t dare or are unsure how to do it. But if there is no place for uncertainty, then this is the subject. Nowadays it is completely normal and taken for granted, so pull out the contraceptive yourself at the appropriate moment or point it out to himHe’ll probably be relieved himself because he was just too cowardly to say anything.

Final thought

Often, two love birds fear to express themselves when it comes to sex. they don’t know how far they can get without fear of offending the other party. This article has given you the things that are allowable to bed and those that are not! feel free to always let your partner know what and how you like it. Good luck!