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What Is The Pros And Cons Of Age-Gap In Relationship



Men look for women who are the same age or younger, while for women, age is a real deal breaker in a man. Why is that? Corresponding preferences are a product of evolution.

Different preferences and expectations of a relationship are partly primal instincts. Because of these desired prerequisites of the individual sexes, it is implied that men are looking for a younger woman and women are looking for an older man.

But how big can the age difference be in a relationship?

This is what statistics say:

An age difference of up to 10 years is not a problem.
1. With an age difference of 5 years, the average risk of separation is 18%
2. If the partners have been apart for 10 years, the risk of separation increases to 39%
3. In general, it can be assumed that the lower the age difference, the lower the likelihood of separation.

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A large age difference is more the exception than the rule

1. Only 6% of all couples were separated by an age difference of more than ten years
2. Around half (47%) only have a slight age difference of 1-3 years
3. around ten couples are exactly the same age

Of course, exceptions always confirm the rule and love doesn’t care about statistics. They tend to be based on a variety of factors, but most importantly, how old you feel.

Nice to know: While the classic age constellation dominates among married couples: in 74% of marriages the man is older than his wife, in unmarried couples the woman is significantly more often (23%) older than the man.

Advantages and disadvantages of an age-gap relationship

Of course, as with any other relationship model, there are also advantages and disadvantages here.

We have summarized the most important:

Advantages of a relationship with a large age difference

• The younger partner can learn from the life experience of the older one.
• The older partner benefits from the younger partner’s lust for life and energy.
• Option for a happy relationship; because a relationship with a large age difference is often made consciously.
• Due to the mutual understanding and consideration, these relationships become much more intense and lead with very strong feelings.
• Stability and maturity are granted by the older partner.
• Older men can certainly fulfill a woman ‘s desire to have children even at a later age.
• Both sides bring very different characteristics and experiences to the relationship: that makes it particularly interesting and exciting.
Disadvantages of a relationship with a large age difference
• Desire to have children. If the woman is significantly older than the man, the biological clock will at some point thwart family planning.
• Physical limitations of the older partner mean that you are also restricted in leisure activities.
• Dealing with death. If there is a large age difference, you must assume that death for the older partner will come much sooner.
• You are queuing at extremely different stages of life.
• The older partner often tends to teach with their experience and wisdom.
• External criticism. Couples with a large age difference are often exposed to many prejudices and incomprehension from their fellow human beings. You have to learn to deal with it!

Conclusion: true love knows no age!

Regardless of whether the age difference is 2, 10 or 20 years: True love knows no age and no limits!
Much more important than your age are your feelings and what you have in common!
In addition, they say: the longer couples are together, the more the age difference becomes blurred until you ultimately no longer notice it yourself.

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