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What To Do When Sexually Frustrated In Marriage


Staying with a person who does not satisfy us sexually can be a source of frustration. Dissatisfaction can be linked to the frequency of intercourse or to the practices themselves that are beginning to annoy us. So, is the breakup inevitable?

Sexuality is an essential element for fulfillment and longevity in love. When one of the partners is no longer sexually satisfied, a questioning of the couple is necessary.

A partner who is no longer satisfied: is there still seduction?

Sexual dissatisfaction can affect anyone. Young, old, straight, or gay, no one is immune. This dissatisfaction is often caused by the ritualization of couple sexuality. “When you’re in a relationship, sex shouldn’t be mechanical or habitual, it has to be an important date”. Partners who have not created new sexuality over time and who have not been sufficiently “proactive”, can fall into sexual dissatisfaction and frustration.

Taking your couple and your partner for granted makes you fall into the sexual routine. We always do the same positions, the same practices. Boredom sets in. “Sexuality doesn’t start just before intercourse, it starts in the morning when you wake up”. 

It is necessary to maintain the desire with blows of seduction. “Even through small attentions, seduction leads to desire, then to pleasure and therefore to sexual satisfaction.

Other reasons for sexual dissatisfaction

But other factors less dependent on our will can cause this dissatisfaction. One can be often tired because, in addition to work, one could be having to travel back home a lot of hours. This makes it difficult to get time to make love as much as a man wants. The question of frequency is indeed at the very heart of sexual dissatisfaction: “It often happens that one of the two partners has more sexual need than the other. Many sexologists confirm this.

Some people simply need less sex. But in some cases, it happens that this lack of desire for one’s spouse is the result of an event, such as the arrival of a child, a death, an illness, a drop in libido, a disappointment or even sexual anxiety. If this is the case, it is necessary to accompany your partner during this ordeal by channeling your sexual energy until things get back to normal.

What is the solution if you are staying with your partner even if he does not satisfy you: 

Continuing with someone who does not bring us enough sexual pleasure is possible. Some choose to stay for everything else, comfort, children, security, etc… All couples do not give the same place to sexuality.

But taking it upon yourself and staying in the relationship despite not being satisfied is only a temporary solution. “It is necessary to talk about or see a sexologist. Daring to talk about it is not an easy task, but if you don’t, the relationship will deteriorate little by little.

This is exactly what happens to many people. “After several years of marriage, some people no longer took pleasure in sleeping with their partner. You find many staying because of children. This can cause many marriages to quickly deteriorate to end in divorce. 

Before verbalizing the problem in the presence of your partner, you can “evaluate the possibility of discussing this. If your boyfriend had told you about his desire to make love more. try to make an effort, don’t allow yourself to just give up on the partnership. If you really dread talking about it face to face with your partner, you can suggest the idea of ​​consulting a sex therapist.

Leave your partner if the frustration is irremediable

Not being fulfilled sexually can make the relationship sour and lead to failure. When you stay in an unsatisfactory relationship, regardless of the area, you end up resenting your partner. At the end of the relationship, you start to become very unsympathetic with your ex-wife. It is a sign of revenge.
Don’t stay if you feel too frustrated. Indeed, sexuality is an essential element in the development of a couple and sexual frustration has consequences. If the dissatisfied person stays in the relationship without finding a solution, they will end up developing sadness or cheating on their partner.

So yes, it is entirely possible to be satisfied with infrequent sexual practices, but for that, both partners must be on the same wavelength. On the other hand, if sex is essential for one, but not for the other, it is necessary to leave.

So, if you are not sexually fulfilled, it is in any case necessary to talk about it. If possible, try to find a solution together. But in the case where no solution is possible, it is necessary to think of a breakup.