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What Women Find Attractive in Men


What does a man have to have for women to find him attractive? There are a few things that women find appealing in the man’s physique that make them really attractive. Here are the 14 things what Women Find Attractive in Men.


When it comes to a man’s personality, women are often at odds, but there is one thing that women almost invariably share one view: a man should have a sense of humor. Nothing is more unattractive than a man who takes himself far too seriously and goes downstairs to laugh. women want to feel entertained and happy now and then.


In-depth conversations or exciting word duels, on the other hand, make people interesting and can be sexy. A man who is intelligent and reasons well arose the women desire to have him as his man.

Good listener

Men often make the mistake of pretending to end up with a woman. Most women want a partner who can listen well and understands them. This shows them that a man really cares about them and takes their needs seriously.

Good smile

Many men are of the opinion that they score points with women through being particularly cool. But they are completely wrong with that. There is nothing better in a flirt than to reap a friendly smile from an attractive man. A hearty man’s laugh is guaranteed to melt every woman’s heart.


You don’t necessarily have to have muscular arms, because not all women value it anyway, but at least you should be neat. Even men who have a cozy tummy or who weigh a few pounds more have a good chance of scoring points with a beautiful woman. Wearing well-fitting clothes that match your body type can be a winning point to a woman’s heart. After all, which woman can resist a well-dressed man?

Know how to dance

A visit to the dance class is not only worthwhile because of the excellent chances of flirting: a man who can dance well and move his body smoothly is incredibly attractive to women. This shows that he has a good feeling for his body – and that he can probably use it in other situations too.

Well-groomed man

Regardless of whether a man has a beard, grows chest hair, has long or short hair – all of this should be well-groomed and well-trimmed. Body odor is also an absolute no-go for women. But men shouldn’t overdo it with personal hygiene. Too penetrative perfume or manicured fingernails drive many women quickly to flight – whether or not metrosexuality.

Command of language

Did you know that a dialect can also be incredibly attractive to women? Men with such an element in their language should therefore not hide it. But the same applies here as with body care: Just don’t overdo it. A slight master of pronunciation looks sexy.


An interesting man knows exactly what he wants and holds his course in all weathers. Women find this self-confidence interesting and attractive. Because secretly, almost every lady wants a strong shoulder to lean on and a man she can build on.

Body structure

Opposites attract in love. This means that men value femininity in women – and vice versa. By masculinity, however, means male strength. This is expressed in characteristics such as courage, prudence, or reliability.

His eyes

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer blue, green, or brown eyes – a sexy look into an attractive lady is simply part of getting to know each other. His eyes also reveal a lot about whether he likes to laugh and give us a first impression of whether he looks friendly or mean.

His smile

Even if tens of teen films convey that we are into the dark, thoughtful guy, there is hardly anything more attractive than a warm smile with a view of beautiful and well-cared teeth. In addition, a smile on his face shows that he is a nice and humorous guy.


This is very important! No women want a smelling man! Men who clean themselves well, apply some deodorant to attract women. The areas around him should also be clean.

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