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When To Let Go Of A Long Distance Relationship


Being in a long-distance relationship is anything but easy. Even if you are close in heart, the physical distance is simply a huge problem in the long run. Not being able to share everyday life with your partner is not only difficult but also can develop into a real relationship crisis. Separation is not always necessary, especially when feelings and love are still strong. But there comes a time when you feel you are no longer an item due to distance and you aren’t sure whether to end the relationship or not. Here are 6 signs that you might want to consider to know when to let go of a long distance relationship.

 Extremely jealous

Jealousy is one of the most common relationship killers because, after all, it means one thing above all: you don’t trust each other. A bit of jealousy here and there is completely normal and also human, your partner means a lot to you, you don’t want to lose them. However, if the jealousy becomes pathological, your partner tries to forbid you from contact with other men and starts controlling you, then it is time to have a serious conversation. Because it can’t go on like this. If you observe jealous behavior in yourself, this is also a first sign that your trust in your love is suffering and you are not necessarily happy in a long-distance relationship. 

You only have superficial conversations

When you live in a long-distance relationship, one of the biggest challenges is not being able to share everyday life with each other. So it is all the more understandable that you want to inform your friend about your own everyday life, and so does he. Regular communication is incredibly important in every relationship, but especially in a relationship with distance, in which physical closeness is often neglected, communication takes on a completely different status.

If your conversations suddenly only revolve around everyday life and typical small talk topics, then something important seems to have been lost. Dreams, goals, desires, fears and the like should definitely be able to be shared with your partner. If you don’t do that anymore, it may be time to admit that your long-distance relationship has damaged your once special connection. This is time to let go of a long distance relationship.

You fight all the time

The little time that you really get to see each other in person should be a wonderful time, peppered with anticipation and beautiful moments in togetherness. The time together should be enjoyed, but unfortunately, you stagger from one conflict to the other and the smallest little things end in a fight? Have a clarifying conversation and try to figure out why you keep fighting. Perhaps the stress of the long-distance relationship is too great. 

You have different ideas about the future

Have you been living in a long-distance relationship for several months or even years and are you trotting on the spot? While you’d love to take the relationship to a higher level, ready to move towns to finally live together, is he just talking about how much he enjoys his “single” household? You clearly have different ideas about your future together and your life is going in different directions. So that the relationship is not really doomed to fail, you should definitely try to come to a common denominator and define common goals. 

You don’t look forward to seeing them again

Are you not looking forward to the coming reunion? do you even come up with excuses why you have to postpone the meeting? You no longer have the urge to hear his voice and therefore call less, often you even reject his calls and switch to a video? This is probably the biggest indication that you are no longer happy in the relationship and that your feelings for your partner have greatly diminished. Once that point is reached, separation seems inevitable. 

You don’t bother anymore

If you are no longer looking forward to seeing your partner again, you automatically no longer bother to organize dates, find appointments for telephone calls or simply prepare small gifts. If the sentence “I don’t have time” is often said, then the other person is only told that other things are more important. After all, you can take your time, you just have to want it. 

How do I properly end a long-distance relationship?

Ending a long distance relationship can be tough especially if you don’t know how to do it respectfully. Even if you spend most of your time away from each other and talk on the phone more than face-to-face, you should still show enough respect for each other that you arrange to meet face-to-face to end your relationship. This also means that you warn each other in advance. Calling in someone unsuspectingly and then breaking up with them is pretty selfish. You once loved each other very much, so even if you break up, you should be considerate of your ex’s feelings. 

How to Make an Online Long Distance Relationship Work

However, if you live so far apart or are so busy that a meeting in the near future is not possible, it naturally makes no sense to unnecessarily prolong the relationship. That’s not fair to anyone. In this case, breaking up by phone is the only option. Let your partner know what you are doing exactly without disrespecting him. Handle the situation with utmost maturity. You will be surprised to find no drama in the whole scenario.


Separating is always a huge step, it really takes effort and it never goes unnoticed. If the situation cannot be salvaged, then it is time to let go of a long distance relationship. If separation is imminent, seek support from your best friend or family.