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Why Am I Struggling To Accept That The Relationship Is Over?


Things are starting to go south in your relationship, and you can see the relationship will end. You would like the relationship to continue, and you put all the effort in, and now you have no options left to keep the relationship going. Finally, the relationship ends, and now you have to deal with the heartbreak and acceptance. But again, are you struggling to accept that the relationship is over? The tips below provide you with all you may need to accept that the relationship is over.  


Understand that that is the right feeling 

Struggling to accept is the right feeling to feel immediately after a breakup, rather than feeling nothing. No feelings mean denial, but struggling to get it means you are starting the journey of recovering from the heartbreak and moving on.  


It’s the first step towards forgetting the broken relationship. You can even write down those feelings, not necessarily for future reference, but because it will help you eliminate the feelings. Searching for this question is also a sign that you are on track to recovering and moving on. It’s because the more you think about it as you write now, the lower the chances of thinking about it in the future.  


Know that you are going to be happier 

Although this may seem illogical at first, you will be happier after recovering from the breakup. The reason the relationship broke is that you were unhappy. You can relieve the emotions by punching something soft and yelling out loud, keeping in mind that you will be happier after some time.  


Understand there was no two-way traffic love 

Even though you were madly in love, it doesn’t necessarily mean the other person loved you the same way. Some partners take others for granted and never appreciate them, but they will quickly end the relationship because of small mistakes.  


These partners won’t even care about your feelings and emotions and how much you love them. They will need persuasions to keep the relationship going. That is a clear sign of no love from your partner. If such a relationship ends, don’t even give them a second chance. Understand that is sure to happen in the future if you give them a second, and accept and appreciate that it has happened now. 


Keep yourself busy and fit 

Even though you know you have nothing to be happy about, keep yourself busy like nothing is going on. Eat well and drink lots of water. Many people fail to eat and drink well during such times and end up sick. If you eat well and exercise regularly one day, you will heal from the heartbreak, and you will be physically fit to be attractive and enter into another relationship. Love yourself and treat yourself well, realizing that all is gone, and you have to focus on yourself before proceeding into another relationship.  


Convince yourself that you made a mistake 

The best way to accept a broken relationship is to convince yourself that you made a mistake in beginning the relationship with the person. Find reasons as to why the relationship was doomed to end right from the beginning. That way, you will realize you could have done nothing to salvage it. For instance, you might recognize that you started a relationship with someone who was not ready to get into a relationship.  


Final Thoughts 

Although you may be heartbroken and don’t know how to accept that a relationship is over, understand that you are not alone and so many people feel the same. Realize that soon you will be happier, and it’s good the relationship is over now rather than in the future. Accept there was no true love from the partner, and focus on other things. The above tips will help you accept that a relationship is over and heal.