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Why shouldn’t I get married for convenience?


Marriage is the union between two people who want to share their lives. Traditionally, these two people were a man and a woman, but today there is legal equality, and marriages between people of the same sex can be celebrated. However, it is important to know why a marriage of convenience should not be celebrated.

Many law regulates marriage by mandate of the Constitution in the Civil Code,  which develops everything related to the marriage contract. Well, this union is, effectively, a contract. And to celebrate, the parties must:

  • Have sufficient capacity
  • Give your consent
  • Do it according to the formalities established by law

These three are the requirements that citizens and foreign spouses must prove so that mixed marriages can be validly celebrated.

The most important is consent. When you get married, you consent to the creation of a personal and sentimental life union.

What is a marriage of convenience?

A marriage of convenience is a fraudulent marriage and there are many reasons not to carry it out. The consequences of having a marriage of convenience can be financial, but also imprisonment in some cases. It is produced mainly to obtain legal, economic, or social benefits.

Reasons why you should NOT enter into a marriage of convenience

1.- It is regulated by the civil code

As we said above, the Civil Code regulates matters relating to marriage and does so by mandate of the constitution. Acting against this law may constitute the object of a civil offense.

2.- There must be a sentimental and true bond between the spouses

If there is no will to spend life together and form a family, there is no valid consent. Therefore, there will be no marriage. When a marriage is found to be one of convenience, all its effects are annulled.

3.-The function of the marriage file is to detect that the purpose of getting married is for love

Pretending the personal relationship between the contracting parties is not easy. And if you are caught in a marriage of convenience, it will be more difficult to have your marriage file approved for a later royal marriage.

4.- The fines range from 501 euros to 10,000 euros

An economic reason to take into account when not contracting a marriage of convenience.

5.- You could go to prison

If the marriage of convenience is accompanied by a crime of falsehood to facilitate illegal immigration or if there is an economic counterpart, you may be committing a crime and end up in jail.

6.- You could be administratively sanctioned

The nullity of the marriage and the fines that we have talked about are sanctions established by the administration.

7.- Your case could lead to a civil crime

As we said, the Civil Code is the law that regulates marriage. Breaking the law is a crime. In this case, it would be a civil offense.

8.- Still married, if it is discovered, the Prosecutor’s Office will request the nullity of the marriage

This means that, if you got married to regularize a situation of a foreigner, that person will be irregular again. In addition to the rest of the consequences that we have already mentioned.

9.- You are harming society

Real mixed marriages or marriages between people of different ages, or at a distance pay the consequences of marriages of convenience and are under suspicion because of the people who do commit fraud.

10.- It’s illegal

And this should be reason enough not to marry for convenience.

If you want, you can watch this video in which we talk about the 10 reasons why you should not celebrate a marriage of convenience in a more visual way.

A survey from the USA showed that around 1/3 of men marry without really loving. Instead, they marry a partner who doesn’t suit them. We find it shocking, so we have these tips on how you can tell if you want to marry the wrong partner.

This survey of the American dating site match.com, in which around 5000 participants were asked who they would marry, showed that 31 percent of men, as opposed to 23 percent of women, marry a person “who has everything they are looking for in a partner ”But with which you don’t necessarily have to be in love. So people get married for the wrong reasons and there are obviously more than enough of them. So check yourself out and lookout for these signs. Because otherwise you might feel the same and marry the wrong person:

Fear of being alone: The most common reason to rush into a marriage is the fear of being alone and of no longer finding a suitable partner. The feeling of togetherness and not having to cope with life alone is the most important reason for some marriage.

Sexual addiction: For 44 percent of men and 50 percent of women, bad sex is a reason to end a relationship. But what if the sex is so great that you accept everything else and get married for the wrong reasons? Sexual attraction is ok, but sexual addiction is not the basis for a happy marriage.

Age: the clock is ticking? Are you not getting any younger or more beautiful? Above all women over 30 are under time pressure and many want to finally get under the hood. Who doesn’t want to go to the altar until the age of 40? Unfortunately, you can’t force anything and marry a partner whom you don’t really love and is not the solution either.

Financial incentive: According to the survey, women still have high expectations when it comes to education and success in a man’s profession. Do you have a well-off man by your side and thus indulge in a luxury life? Money calms us down but doesn’t make us happy in the long run. What ultimately remains is a spouse we don’t love. And, as is well known, love cannot be bought.

Convincing values: There is more to a marriage than just love? Loyalty, a loving approach, security, and family values? Sure, but what if you prefer these values ​​to love yourself and compromise on your marriage? If you don’t love and tell yourself that other people’s values ​​are more important, you will be quite unsatisfied in your marriage in the long run. The love is noticeably missing!