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How you can tell if your husband is thinking about separation


Does he still love me? If you ask yourself this question, your relationship may be on the verge of ending. These twelve signs reveal whether your husband is thinking of a separation.

Men are masters of silence. Especially when they are not doing well, many men tend to keep their problems to themselves. In some relationships, this leads to the man wanting the separation one day and the woman being coldly surprised by it.

But even with silent men, there are clear signs before the big bang that the relationship is not going well. We have collected twelve of them here.

1 |  We no longer have loving rituals

When the alarm goes off in the morning, he gets up straight away and trots to the bathroom. There used to be a loving good morning kiss, today it doesn’t even register you.

2 | We keep silent

You sit across from each other at the breakfast table in silence. You would like to talk to yourself, but unfortunately, you can’t think of anything with which to arouse his interest. No matter what you are talking about, he will only respond briefly or, worse, with sarcastic remarks.

3 | My husband doesn’t respect me

He goes to work without a goodbye kiss. And leaves an unmade bed and the remains of his television evening in the living room. Such behavior shows that he has no respect for you.

4 |  My husband only thinks of himself

When he plans his weekend, he plans with friends, colleagues, family, the dog, the children … just not with you.

5 | He doesn’t want sex anymore

Of sex, we need not speak. He hardly touches you anyway.

6 | My husband is just annoyed with me

If you ask your husband a favor, he’ll only react indifferently or annoyed.

7 | He doesn’t bother anymore

For your birthday you can get flowers from the supermarket around the corner. Individual gifts? Hasn’t existed for you in a long time.

8 | He can no longer be seduced

In the evenings he does sports alone or hangs around in front of the television, feeling tired. Even if you try to lure him into bed in nice lingerie, he will stop responding.

9 |  My husband no longer supports me and our life together

He used to work around the house, repairing something here and there. Now he’s just letting everything go to waste. This is a sign that he no longer sees your home together as a place in which to plan his future.

10 |  We don’t have a common everyday life

You used to shop together and think about what to eat. Today you have to go alone. He just munched quietly and left the used dishes on the table.

11 | Is my husband looking for alternatives?

Instead of the sports section, it sticks to the property section for a noticeably long time reading the newspaper.

12 | He has secrets

He keeps getting mail that he doesn’t want to open in your presence. Perhaps he is just looking for information about splitting insurance or is he already organizing a new apartment?

Do any of these signs sound familiar to you?

Please don’t panic right away. Better to talk to your husband carefully. But first, try to find out for yourself whether you still want this relationship.

If so, there is at least hope that the two of you will find your way out of the spiral of silence and back to a happy relationship. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to seek professional help from a couples therapist or relationship coach! Expressing unspoken expectations and disappointed hopes can be a balm for the soul and enable a real new start for some relationships.

There are several signs that suggest a relationship is slowly coming to an end. These 7 sentences are also references to this.

“I will not do anything that can disappoint you”

So your partner is welcome to give it a try, but the chances that they will not disappoint you are close to zero. After all, it is perfectly normal for us to make mistakes. That is also part of a relationship. 

With a sentence like the one above, your partner is making you empty promises and may signal that in case of doubt, he is not ready to admit his own mistakes.

Admittedly, at the beginning of a relationship, your partner may still be hoping to always please you. But we all know that it doesn’t last forever.

“I will change for you”

Your partner has a vice but swears they’d stop doing it for you? That will very likely not work out well. First of all, you shouldn’t want to break your bad habits for your partner, but primarily for yourself.

Second, it can have fatal consequences for the relationship if the partner or you fail to change your behavior permanently. Obviously, the relationship or the love for the partner alone was not enough to get the problems under control.

“You either choose me or …”

Ouch, the very idea of ​​being given an ultimatum makes us wince. Because that does not indicate anything good. If your partner gives you a choice and you have to decide against another person who is important to you, for example, this shows that he is very possessive and wants to control you. That shouldn’t be the case in a healthy relationship.

“You have to do this”

Sentences like this usually don’t go down well. Adults should not tell each other what to or not to do. This kind of control can poison a relationship. If you want your partner to do you a favor, formulate your request as a question rather than an order.

“Don’t always be so emotional”

Such statements are a way to mock another person’s feelings and problems and make it very clear to them that you are not taking them seriously. Anyone who experiences this in their relationship over the long term can only become unhappy.

“It’s over between us”

This sentence can be uttered without really being serious. But if you or your partner are ready to use these words at all, this is usually a sign that a possible breakup has been considered at least once.

In addition, this sentence shows that the person who utters it does not shrink from making the other person feel insecure.

“I hate you”

This sentence can slip out in the heat of the moment – a really heated battle – but it shouldn’t be. Because “hate” is a really strong word that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Even if it wasn’t really meant seriously.

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