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What You Need To Know So That You Not Be Disappointed During The First Sex.


There is a lot that have been said about the first sex. Believing them or not, it’s always good for one to know the truth as well as the facts about it.
The excitement that comes with it is like a delightfully charming party that one starts planning on months before. Imagine having such high hopes, you know the fireworks but unfortunately end up being boring. Or maybe you are not very anxious and worried about the material day, but to your surprise everything seems to fall in place and it was a great party. At this point, you only realize how much you suffered for no apparent reason.
We can save ourselves from unnecessary tension by having a positive mindset and stop worrying about the first sex. Read on to what you need to know so that you are not disappointed during the first sex.

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Silly imagination #1: It will be a great pleasure.

You need to get these fallacies in your head now. The erotic scenes seen in these romantic movies are nothing but just a beautiful fairy tale. We are often made to think of the perfect happiness in silk sheets and the background romantic music. Well, the truth of the matter is that, that’s not the case. During the first day, everyone is nervous and not sure about what to expect. It’s often in a rush and shy mood and this is very common.

Silly imagination #2: I will have multiple orgasms.

A very small percentage of people are able to handle an orgasm. Mostly for a girl, it might take her weeks to months until she can be comfortable around her man for such a pleasure. On the first day, there is some little physical and psychological discomfort which is very normal. While these two prevail, in most cases you don’t get to orgasm. You therefore need to give yourself some time, practice understanding and mutual love to one another.

Silly imagination #3: He did it for his love for me.

Point of correction! It’s because he wants you, otherwise nothing would technically have happened. Psychologically, men are very different from of women. A woman’s attachment is about love, the respect, being there for her, the gifts etc. A man can still show you love and still be sleeping with another woman. This is very necessary information while you are still on the shore.
Having an intercourse with a boy who truly loves you, shows that he cares.Being decent is every girls pride. If this is different, don’t allow your foolish imaginations cloud your head. Just deal with it by accepting the situation. Sex and love are not always equal.

Silly imagination #4: Now we will definitely walk down the aisle.

Hold that thought. Why are you contemplating marriage? Well, you only had sex without the registry offices’ permission. The days when virgins engaged in sex before marriage and later hide their faces under the sand are long gone. Accept the reality, a ring can just save you from the shame that you actually had sex before marriage.

Instead, remain positive. The beginning might finally yield something serious and you eventually get to marry this guy. Practice patience, accept yourself that you still free, young and adorable.
In the event you are a virgin and you have never had sex before, here are some stupid myths you need to be aware of and avoid thinking about them as much as possible.

Myth #1: It’s going to be hurting like hell

Well, you may experience some little discomfort emotionally, physically but it’s nothing serious. Its doesn’t really hurt. It’s not an operation without anesthesia but simply a transition from one state to another.
Try to remain calm and avoid any tension so that you don’t spoil the mood. All the fussy things you experience in bed depends on the mood of your boy. It is just about a short time and you stand to enjoy all the pleasure there is with him.

Myth #2: I will lose a bucket of blood.

Wow now this is a mare lie. Why is that? First, you have less than a bucket of blood in your body. Secondly a major bleeding can only occur if a main artery is affected. Here we are talking about a very thin film called hymen which is barely supplied with blood. You lose a very small percentage compared to your menstrual days.

On the first day you stain just a little or not. This shouldn’t worry you. Just lie down and consider taking a shower and stop further exploration for about a week. During this period, you will eventually heal and resume your love affair. Sorting advice from a gynecologist would also come handy.

Myth #3: Everyone will tell I did It by just a look on my face.

This is another lie that girls have been whispering to each other’s ears for so many centuries. The truth of the matter is its only you and your boyfriend know about it and perhaps your gynecologist. As a matter of fact, your body does not change on the first or the 100th time. If all goes well you just have the pleasure to enjoy and feel slightly sleepy.
There are very sure ways to tell that a boy and a girl is just more than friends. Normally there is the kissing, hugging and holding hands even in public. This can be an undoubted sign to confirm that the two of you have been engaged sexually.

Stupid Scarecrow #: He is likely to remain stuck inside me.

It’s necessary to get information from a professional. Some shocking revelations we read from unreliable sources can be very misleading. A condition called vaginismus (a condition in a woman’s vagina usually a strong and painful spasm of the muscles trying to push inside). This condition only affects 2-3 percentage of all women on earth.
In your uniqueness, just know there are small chances you can have this disorder. Always remember, the first time will never repeat itself and all these worries always come to an end.


The most primary aspect of a successful good time in bed usually depend on three factors: good mood, peace and love. Otherwise everything else doesn’t count. Let yourself enjoy good time with your partner without having to worry so much. Go there with a positive mind and flow with the mood. What you need to know so that you are not disappointed during the first sex is important so that you can have a great time together. Good luck!